Chapter 23: The Three who saved us All

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So, this chapter might be shorter than my other ones ^~^' But hey, I've got loads of things to get written down. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter!

~Time Skip ~ 5 months - October 5~

°Ayame's POV°

Hari's has been killed, finally. I felt like a ton of weights have been removed from my shoulders, the curse mark is finally gone! I don't have to worry about some psychotic, brother trying to kill me. And most of all Yukiko's safe, but... There's a greater threat awaiting us. At the 5 Kage Summit, Madara Uchiha, who was supposedly dead... Declared war on everyone. Now, Naruto's been sent to the Hidden Cloud, where he will hopefully tame Kurama. He thinks he's on a top secret mission, but this is only for his safety. They're trying to revive the Juubi (Ten Tails). I know Nyobi and I could stop him easily since he's the strongest out of all of them. But still, the Juubi is still a tailed beast, a powerful one too. There's something different about the Juubi though, he's got a half rinnengan and sharingan eye, which makes it difficult. Nyobi doesn't have any of those, he's just the Bijuu that keeps the balance pretty much. I'm not saying he's useless or anything, he will help stop this war.


The Juubi stood firm as Madara stood atop it. It's beady red eyes stared at everyone in the battlefield. Naruto was in Kyuubi form, along with Killer Bee who was in Hachibi form. I was a secret weapon, so I can't transform until it gets real serious. And when I mean serious, I mean serious. I hid in the crowd of medical ninja, trying not to blow my cover. You see, I'm the leader of one of the groups from the Allied Shinobi Forces. All the villages haven't worked together like this until now, I've haven't seen anything like it!

"Ayame-san, what should we do?" Sakura asked,

"Since I'm not the leader of this group... All I have to say is heal any of the injured." I gritted my teeth and the Kyuubi and Hachibi attacked the Juubi. Sakura nodded and yelled for all the injured. All I can do for now is help. I found some injured shinobi and healed there wounds all at once. This Great War was only at its beginning. A voice echoed in my head,

"Ayame, It's Shikaku, talking through Inoichi. We have heard that Madara has activated the power of the Sage of Six Paths, same with Naruto and Sasuke. We need you to finally step in and stop the conflict between the three. It's time for you to transform and end this war!" Shikaku commanded.

(You won't get most of this chapter if you haven't read the recent manga or watched the new episodes. So please bare with me)

"Nyobi, let's role!" I said aloud in my head, I heard an excited growl from he inside. I smirked and closed my eyes. Seconds later, I was in Jūnibi form! I gave out a loud roar as my tails swished through the air, an armour of crystal started to develop around my wolf form. A line of purple ran straight through my left eye. My tails all had a sharp point of crystal on the very tips.

"Let's get started!" I yelled. I began to run up to the Jūnibi while Naruto and Killer Bee followed from behind me.

"Naruto, Bee! Attack from the sides!" I ordered as I charged straight ahead. The two split and ran to the sides. I jumped above the Juubi and landed on his head. Tailed beast on tailed beast, this will make it hard for him! I stabbed 10 of my tails on the Juubi's tails and the other two on its arm and leg. This will keep him still! The beast roared in pain. I made some hand signs In my head.

"Guys! Bijuu Bomb!" I commanded raising my head up to the moon. Naruto and Bee created onyx coloured orbs from their Bijuu's mouth. My bomb was a galaxy coloured bomb, which was extremely powerful.

"Aim, and fire!" I jumped up releasing the beast from my grasp. I jumped far enough so the impact of the bombs didn't affect me. A large explosion occurred, all you could see was fire and smoke. Once most if the flames and smoke cleared out, I walked up to where the Juubi stood. Nothing was left but ash and a dried out Madara, his bones showing from his skin. I turned back to my original state and looked at the man. I stabbed his heart with a crystal kunai and took both of his eyes out. As long as he doesn't have these, we'll be safe. I heard happy voices, screams of joy and cheers approaching from behind me. I turned around to see smiling faces and fists up in the air, chanting my name.

"Ayame, Naruto, Bee! Thank you so much! You've saved the ninja world, thanks to you guys, this war has ended!!" They cheered and raised the three of us up. I laughed in amazement, we really did it!

"Ayame, well done! You've saved us all!" Shikaku and Inoichi's voice spoke in my head.

"Ayame... You still know a bigger danger threatens this world in the future. When that time comes, we have to be prepared." Nyobi's deep voice interrupted.

"Don't worry, with everyone here, we can fight off the biggest of threats!" I exclaimed.

"We are the Allied Shinobi Forces after all."

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