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The dawn glides gracefully over the horizon. A Mahogany coloured Tom by the name of Saw,(Formerly Hacksaw) a Shadowclan rogue to be exact, paces irritably back and forth across the turf, silhouetted against the light of the sunrise.

"Is is going to be soon?" He questioned the ashen femora who lied contently on the ground breathing heavily. "Any minute now..."  She huffed, her Tail curled inwards near her body. She was none other than Shadowfall, a high ranked, Bloodclan She-cat. She met this Rogue while on a mission with Scourge. One thing lead to another, and now here they were, moments away from their first kitten. Shadowfall shut her eyes with a painful moan. Saw smiled genuinely as Shadowfall placed a small kitten in her paws, and relaxed her torso at last, as she began to lick it. "Ah! Its a GIRL!!" The large tom happily exclaimed Loud and clear, at what would have been, 4:00am in the morning. He ran idiotically throughout the territory weaving between the bushes and shrubs. As he reached Shadowfall again, she smacked a paw over his snout. "Shut up!" She laughed quietly. "If Scourge wakes up, we're dead. Literally." She snapped removing her paw.  Two Weeks later, the kitten opened her eyes to reveal Stunning Violet luminaries which appeared blue when the moonlight hit them. "We really need a name for her. We can't keep calling her 'kitten' All the time." Shadowfall purred licking the kit. Noticing that her eyes had turned blue, Saw suggested, "Bluemoon?" He said, unsure of his own suggestion. Shadowfall flattened her audials, and rose them again. "How about.. Ebony?" She mewled towards the Tom. "Perfect.." He sighed happily looking at his Daughter, Ebony. (In other words me.)

Three weeks had gone by, and Saw and Shadowfall had been keeping Ebony out of sight in a secret den, hidden by a shrub. Saw couldn't stay around very much either.. After all, he was a rogue.One night, as Shadowfall and her kit slept away from the clan in the den, and bloodcurdling cry was heard, and Ebony began to cry. Shadowfall hushed the kit, retreating deeper into the den. She awoke the next morning finding no sign of Saw. She then attempted to track him down, keeping Ebony near her. A voice loomed out behind her. "Looking for this?" Called A jet black, thin tom cat with a purple tooth-studded collar and a single white paw. Shadowfall grimaced in horror, as Saw's beaten, lifeless, carcass was thrown at her paws. "How long did you think you could keep this from me?" He snarled, glaring at Ebony who hid helplessly behind her mother. "I see your little parasite has grown quite well."  He snapped his jaws at Ebony, who soon began to cry. "Leave her out of this!" Shadowfall hissed, jaws agape and ready to fight. "You've already claimed one innocent life, no need you take another!" The Commotion caused Bloodclan cats to gather, and spectate the scene. "You dare disrespect me! Need I remind you of your rank and responsibility in this clan!" Shadowfall drew her lips back into a snarl. "Ebony is My responsibility now, Especially since her father his dead! Now If you dare lay a paw on her, I swear you won't live to regret it, You disgusting rat! What in the hell is wrong with you!" The observing cats backed a few steps away, waiting for Scourge's Response. "What's wrong with me!?" He repeated. "You're one to talk, running off and having a kit with a rogue, and hiding it from me, you traitor!" He rose his paw and attempted to strike her across the face. Shadowfall swerved her head to the side, whipping it around again and crushing Scourge's paw between her molars, with impressive force. With a painful yowl Scourge removed his paw from Shadowfall's mouth. "G-Get out.." He snarled under his breath. "With Pleasure!" Shadowfall snapped, softly picking up Ebony in her bloody mouth and starting to walk out of camp when her path was blocked by two masculine cats. "Move." She growled thrashing her tail angrily. The two toms whimpered lowering their audials, and let her through. 

 Ebony and her mother struggled together as two clanless rogues for two weeks, out in the wilderness barely making it. By this time, Ebony was able to Speak. "Mom.." She huffed. "How much longer do we have to walk?" Shadowfall chuckled. "You mean, how much longer do have to walk. You've been in my mouth the entire time."  She puts Ebony down for a second. "This should be far enough." They both settle down in a fallen tree truck, which was hollowed out. Shadowfall gave Ebony a young mouse, and froze momentarily, staring out of the tree trunk. "Wuts wong?" Ebony muffled with a mouthful of mouse. "Stay here." Shadowfall whispered solemnly, stalking out of the cover. Just as she was about to return to the tree trunk, a wolf lunged out of a bush. Shadowfall uttered a loud snake-like hiss, trying to fend off the hungry animal. The two where about to clash, when the wolf spotted something tastier... a kitten. Sure enough, huddled in the back of the tree trunk, crying yet again, was Ebony. (I was a huge cry baby when I was little.) The wolf bit into the log where she was hiding, and she scramble clumsily out of its reach while still being fast enough to elude it. But finally, it cornered her against a tree. As the wolf closed in for the killing bite, Shadowfall leaped onto its head form behind, and started doing some astounding damage, as one of her talons hit the wolf's eye. It forgot all about the kitten and turned to Shadowfall, both taking damage in the flurry of blood and fur. Ebony ran as fast as her stout little legs could carry her, (All four of which, were shorter than my tail at the time, so I looked like a little sausage cat.) unknowingly running straight into a Badger's den. After a while she toddled outside, calling for her mother. "Mommy! Mommy!!" She cried out, close to tears. She returned to the scene of the fight, only to find Shadowfall and the wolf, gone. There was a spot on the grass soaked with blood, and sure as hell it wasn't wolf sized. Alone, scared, and worst of all, hungry, Ebony sat on the floor and began to cry. Two neon green luminaries opened behind her with a freakish snarl. Ebony turned around to find yet another hungry predator, a Badger. She ran for what felt like miles. She slipped under a log that was really low to the ground, and the badger got stuck trying to follow her. Feeling clever, (and a little too confident,) Ebony began to taunt the animal, wiggling her rear end in its face. Suddenly it broke lose, and Ebony screamed like a full grown cat, and began running again. Just when she felt like her legs would give out, a large tom cat barreled into the badger bawling it over. He managed to chase it off, and Ebony dug herself into a hole, and sat there staring cautiously at the Calico tabby tom. (I still have a habit of doing this when I feel disturbed.) He glanced blankly at the kit, and continued on his way. Ebony shakily climbed out of her hole, and silently followed the tom, darting into a shrub, or a rabbit's hole when ever he turned around. Finally, he whirled around furiously. "Will you quit following me!" He yowled at the young kitten. Ebony curled her tail around her paws, shuddering. "I-I'm Sorry.." She mewed. The tabby tom grimaced and turned around to take another pawstep, but Ebony took one with him. She heard him snarl, and crawled under a rock. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" He growled in a calmer tone. The kitten shuddered. "N-no.." She stared at the masculine cat, under the safety of the stone. "I'm lost...." She sniffled. "And HUNGRY!" She added as she began to cry. "Where's your mother?" He demanded clearly growing a little impatient. "She's gone...I don't know where she is..." Continuing to cry. With a sympathetic gasp, the tom's face softened, and he turned to the kit. "Well..." He was hesitant to speak. "You can.. stay with me.. If you want... I guess.." Ebony brightened up, squealing happily. "Oh, Excellent! We'll have so much fu—" The tom slapped a paw over her mouth. "SHUT UP!" He snarled. "If that badger comes back it's every cat for himse—" An ugly growl came out of the pitch black. He yowled clearly frightened, picked up Ebony in his mouth and ran for it. When they stopped, he put her down and panted heavily. "Hey kid..." He puffed sitting down. "What's your title around here?" Ebony tilted her head to the left lowering an ear. "Title?" She repeated clearly confused. The tom sighed. "Your name then." He rolled his eyes. "Oh, my name is Ebony." She wagged her tail, gently sweeping the ground with it. "Well, that's nice.." He half purred. After a long and awkward silence, Ebony toddled up to him, almost falling on the way, (as you probably picked up already, I was also very clumsy) and Hugged his large forepaw. "Thank you Sir." She purred gripping his paw. The tom blushed a little, folding his other paw around the kitten. "Call me Dagger." He smiled revealing an overgrown fang.

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