Hi or Hey?;)

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Hi?  Or hey? 

Lol what's up guys?  Who else loved my last chappie? 

*raises hand*  I did!  I could talk about Daryl ALL DAY.  However, this is not the chapter for him.  Instead, it is what has happened to me today. 

Sooooo, today I have been riding horses pretty much all day.  Besides church that's all I've been doing. 

My cousins are on vacation in Virginia for the next week, so we didn't go to my Grandma's house.

Speaking of horses, I got a new one! :D  I will take a picture and put it as my background later to show yall. 

He's a gelding, and he's not a barrel horse.  He's also not broke, so guess who gets to break a new horse?:D

We haven't named him yet, so any suggestions?  Here is his description:


Around 4 years old

Solid dark bay

quarter horse



So yeah, I know what I'll be doing this summer. 

Also, I found out that my mare Annabelle is pregnant.  So I get a baby horse sometime soon.  :)  She just started showing, so that's how we figured out oh, maybe she's pregnant?  So we took her to the vet and she was like 6 months pregnant and we were like "What the heck?"  because we didn't even know!  I guess her and Dash were having a little fun. ;)

So, I also need a name for the baby, the foal should be born in about 4 or 5 months.  Horses usually carry the foal for about 11 months.   Annabelle is a palomino horse, and Dash is a paint, so I'm really hoping that we get a palomino paint out of them because they are really pretty. 

That's really it.  For now anyways.  :)

See yall later!



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