Chapter 5 Keep Running

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Blackshadow's pov

"Telaport" Is the first thing I said back at base.

"BLACKSHADOW" Ares yelled running up to me

" Are you tring to get me killed?" I asked a little more stunrnly then meaning. He looked down as if he was about to cry. I already felt bad.

"I......I was just tring to help." He stuttered out 

"Who did this to you?" He quickly asked before I could say anything else. 

" The boy I am after." I said looking up at him.

"Did you find out his name?" he questioned.

"No something better. he's SS." I said looking up at a shocked face.

Snipe's pov

I slowly open my eyes.  I looked aroun the all white room.  Where am I?  I thought to myself.  All I hear is a beeping sound at a steady pace.  I looked up at the sound.  It was a heart moditer.  I was in the hospital why? I turned to see Ash sitting there.

" Who are you?" she asked as soon as I sat up

"  What do you mean?" I questioned. everything was starting to come back to me and I knew what she ment.

" You can fight Blackshadow without dying.  So who are you. " I sigh deeply I was right, she was going to find out eventually might as well tell her.

"  My name is Snipe Wolvern code name SS " She looked so shocked I instently felt bad for not telling her sooner.

" are an assassan " she said looking at me. 

" No SS is it's two complety different people." I said looking at the shocked Ash.

" So you can't control SS " she said confusdly.

" Yes two completly different people Snipe wolvern is me.  SS I wish would die." I said looking at the giggling Ash.

" Hey but he comes to safe me at the best of times so you get used to it." Ash fully broke into laughter at that once she regained herself she staited.

" You got beat up pretty badly during that fight hot shot. " I laughted and looked down at my body. I had bandages wraped around my arms, chest and sides. I was pretty beaten up.

" How long have we been here." I questioned Ash.

" um......Three days." My eyes widend in shock 

" They want you here for another week to make sure all your injuries heal correrctly." How was I going to help Ash in a hospital bed for a whole week. Then the best Idea came to me.

" Ash you need to keep running." I said sturnly so she knew I wasn't joking.

"Why, I can't leave you Snipe." She almost yelled at me.

" Don't worry Ash SS will protect me you need to keep going though ok. From where I am there isn't much I can do but right now I bet I am priority for killing. So if you move on ahead I can meet you somewhere and you will be safe for awhile. Ok?" I smiled up at her.

" Fine I will meet you in Springvalley in two weeks to the second so if your late The Black Mamba wil be the last of your worries." I laughted and agreed. I watched her walk out of the room.  The next time I see Ash is in two weeks.  I just hope we last that long.


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