Chapter 4: Every Storm

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Narrative P.O.V.

Predaking examined the dark clouds closely as he transformed into his robot mode.

"I almost forgot," he told Blackbird as he pulled out a gray cloak. Blackbird swipped it out of his large, clawed hand, studying it. It unfurled and fell lifelessly. It was splotched with barely visible camofladged spots. She raised a brow from behind her mask.

"Is this a joke?" she asked. "It looks like a sheet! A bed sheet!" She attempted to throw it back at Predaking, but he obviously wouldn't allow that. A frown appeared on his visage as he spoke.

"It'll keep you protected from the rain," he answered the girl, trying to remain calm. In order to keep his temper in check, he inhaled then let it out. Why was the techno-organic so picky and rude? Was it something else or him? Predaking couldn't find the answer. By the time he looked up, his "friend" already had it draped around her, looking at the wide sleeves.

"I appreciate it, Predaking," she thanked sweetly, much to the Predacon's dismay. "Thank you . . . a ton. But I do feel like a ghost." She giggled.

Everything thought he had of her seemed be erased at that moment. Who knew a simple 'thank you' could change someone mood so quickly? He smiled at her. He found a way to block out her hatred. He truly did sense good intention in her. Deep down, he felt bad for Blackbird, just thinking what she'd been through. Should he have asked? It would most likely come off as crude or cold-hearted, asking her about her past so quickly.

"Really?" he asked. Blackbird looked up at him.

"Really," she said. A short snicker was added. "You're adorable." Predaking was thrust into deep thought. Before he had time to speak to her, Blackbird was already running toward the entrance of the cave. He slightly grinned and shook his head, following the small . . . different organic. He took her in his arms, holding her closely.

"It's a maze in here. We best stay close to each other," he announced. Blackbird got in close to his chest. She smirked.

"I'm already on it."

 "Not like this," Predaking gently laughed. He transformed into his beast mode, and Blackbird was gently set on his back. She wrapped her fingers around a metal piece on his neck.

"Right. More moble in this mode . . . " she said quietly, a hint of disappointment in her voice. They headed deeper into the tunnel, the light fading away into oblivion with each step. Blackbird leaned forward slightly, squinted behind her mask. She examined the darkness. She couldn't see past it. Waving her hand in front of her face, she wished for a sign that it was there, but she couldn't see it, no matter how close it was. The only thing she saw was Predaking's two yellow eyes. They stared foward as they continued.

A small light at the end of the tunnel lifted the girl's spirits. Predaking's glanced up at her, but what he got was a rub on his head. It felt nice to him. Being treated like an actual king for a split second.

But what was he thinking?

She was most likely just going to treat him bad once they got out of the darkness. There was probably an hate-filled frown on her visage right then and there. Maybe she was waiting for the right time; the right time to stab him in the back, literally. She was just that . . . insane.

They entered the light. Blackbird looked around at the many colliers slaving away. Large conveyor belts ran back and forth, moving crates of strange blue crystals. 'A robbery heist' was Blackbird's first thought as she raised a brow. Predaking suddenly transformed and Blackbird fell to the ground. t startled her more than anything.

"Please warn me before you do that," she ordered. Predaking gently grinned. Blackbird's face wished to sweetly smile back, but she bitterly turned away. No, she told herself. Not today, pal.

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