My name's Nichole. I'm 21 and I'm running from something you thought was just in movies, Walkers. Now a normal 21 year old girl would be out partying and drinking with friends. Smoking, and getting with boys. But no... Not me. I'm running from blood thirsty, flesh eating monsters.

The moans and groans are making my adrenaline pump threw my veins, speeding me up. I look over my shoulder. "Shit." I shot my gun and hit two walkers at once. I'm a good shot. My dad taught me to shoot almost everything but a crossbow. That's when the world ended. I miss my dad more than anything. Watching him get torn to pieces is something I can never get out of my head.

I look behind and shoot another walker. My foot caught on an up-rooted tree root. I fall and twist my ankle. My 9-millimeter goes flying about 5 meters in front of me. A walker lands on-top of me and I struggle to keep its rotting teeth from digging into my neck. Then. An arrow goes strait into its ear, and out the other.

"Well hello there, sweet lips." The man said with a wink. He had a metal stump with a long blade on his right hand. I wonder why? "Shut up Merle," a handsome man with stunning blue eyes grunted. I'm guessing he was the one who killed the walker, he had a crossbow. And damn he was good.

He bent down pushing the creature off of me and grabbed my arm firmly, He pulled me up. I tried to not show any signs of pain, but I let out a small yelp. While he was Looking into my eyes, I could see something. Something you just couldn't explain. "You're fuckin lucky I happen to be here to save your ass, mis."


"Spit it out or tell it to the walkers." Pushing me away but gentile. The two men start walking off but I can't help to jog after them. It was painful Because of my ankle. He turned around with his toned, muscular arms with his crossbow raised to my head.

"Wait! Don't shoot! please," my words were shaky. He just looked at me. "I-I'm very thankful. My name is, Nichole. Is there anything I can do to-" I was interrupted by him snapping his neck away from me to some moans, gun fire and a truck. A truck?!

The two men start running to all the noise. What the hell is he doing? I don't know what to do so I go and grab my 9-millimeter, And join them. It's a prison. I bet this is his home and group.

There's a man holding back two walkers out side the fences. "Rick!" he said shooting an arrow. While Merle runs and stabs the other.

"Daryl! you came back... who's she?"

"She says her names Nichole. We happen to stumble across her and some walkers."

"She bit? Scratched?"

"No, But I think I injured my ankle, also I'm alone." I said, hoping I can convince him to let me stay, "I can help kill these walkers, please."

He thought it over so fast within five seconds, I don't blame him. There's walkers all over and some stupid ass people driving threw a prison... Not exactly what I would call an escape plan for the prison dudes who were here. "Fine, and Daryl. The Governor is responsible for this. But we have to



Authors note.

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