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The touch of her skin is electrifying. It begs me to pull her closer. The cold touch of her fingers as it slides down my body. She kisses me as she continues to search my body with her fingers. Her hair smelled like roses being scattered off a bridge and into the wind. The scent was over whelming. I felt drunk just by the smell of her hair. She began looking at my body and smiling. 


I tried to sit up, my body was feeling all kinds of weird. The nervousness of her seeing my scars was enough to make me want to leave. "I don't want you to see my scars." I said grabbing the cover and pulling it up to cover my body. Before I knew it she had pulled the cover off of me and was on top of me in an instant. "Everyone has scars, yours is just as beautiful as mines" she said pushing me down. 


With one hand, her cold hands touches the crest of my breast making me yearn for her. She seemed destined to make me yearn for her even more than I already do. As she began licking the crest of my breast, I cringed on to the sheets. If her plan was to make me squirm with joy, she successfully completed her plan.


 Within seconds I felt like I was out of breath. Her lips pressed against mines firmly, She didn't even gasp for air, as I was trying to do so desperately. As she broke away from our kiss, I could feel the air suddenly rushing back into my lungs. I held on to my mouth ,so that I wouldn't make a sound, but that silly plan of mines fail, as she slipped two fingers into me. She then bit into my neck. I could feel my blood being sucked into her mouth. It didn't hurt after a while. I felt at peace. I let out a small yelp as she slipped her fingers back into me, but I was soon quieted by her kissing me with her bloody mouth. "I want to be with you. She whispered in my ear before licking the bite marks she made on my neck. 


Fear struck over me. What have I done was the only thought that started racing in my head.


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