Missing You!

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Can't believe your doing this

it is a big step to take

to be somewhere you've never been

spending nights awake.

I'd say that I don't want this

but the days left are few

so instead of crying and cribbing

I'll just say I'd miss you.

I will say it not to make it easy

but cause I know that I really will

the loss of a friend by my side

is really not a thrill.

I know that you're not dying

you've assured me before

but thinking you might forget me

just makes me miss you more.

It has been so long,

since I last saw you smile

I hear it in your voice though,every day

and then I smile too for a while.

I know I sound cheesy

but you are my bestfriend

and separating has hurt me

as our friendship had to amend.

It is a new start for you though

and I wish you with prosperity

with every step that you take ahead

I hope you increase your dignity.

And now I leave you ,to make your choice

to find your great perhaps

so that you know what you mean to the world

as you fill life's lonely gaps.

Hope you find enlightment

to what is false or true

and hope you will remember

that I will always miss you!


this poem is dedicated to my friend
@thestorylover123.....n I indeed do miss her as she has left me n shifted to another faroff part of the globe which has like 11n a half hours of time difference from my country!
I know I said I won't update without five votes(which was a very small vote goal yet unaccomplished) but like I said writing keeps me sane!

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