Chapter 27

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Kane POV

I run down the sewer tunnel to the cafeteria. Apparently the pack doctor, Choco, was kidnapped. Stolen away at night. Not a trace of her left anywhere.This was an act against the Diversified. Meaning, the Diversified may finally assist in the takedown of the Howling Moons! Too bad for that poor panda morpher though....

Upon entering the cafeteria I smell human blood. No biggie. That scent was sort of expected in here with the way the morphers ate. (Blech.) Vapor approaches me as I enter, "Good you're here." She takes me hand and elads me to the high table above the others. Squeaks is seated there looking grim and dark. Hailey looks terribly grief stricken. She and Choco seemed close. Suppose she was taking this pretty hard....

When I am seated to Vapor's right, Squeaks calls for silence. And by the edge to his voice, you can tell he means business. You can also tell he is downright pissed... The entire cafeteria of morphers and whisperers alike fall silent. As silent as the dead. Maybe even more quiet if you can believe it... Squeaks rises, "We made a deal that we would never attack the Howling Moons unless provoked first. A vital clan member has been taken away by those very Howling Moons members. And it shall not go without consequence. I officially want to say," He turns to me and Vapor. "We will aid in the fight against the Howling Moons."

Vapor and I nod to the crowd of gathered Morphers and Whisperers alike as we stand. Hailey follows suit. "Now then," Squeaks booms over the loud jumbled mass of voices, "We best get to discussing war strategy then." Everyone quiets down as we enter into a deep conversation of war plans.


Now I cannot tell you what our full plan was. Least the Howling Moons clan should read this before we go to war. But I can tell you it's a good plan. A very sturdy one. We shall have those bastards cowering in fear and holding their tails between their legs! They will gladly surreder their territory back to the Secrets without pause when they see how totally and completed fucked they were.

Vapor and I make our way back to our room. "Soon we'll be able to tell the clan about us." Vapor says. "I know. And we can even raise a family." I say back as I wrap my am around her waist and pull her closer to me. Vapor kisses the side of my face. But just barely grazes my cheek for a second before puling away, "Yeah. Maybe..." She sounds..I don't know..strange? Not strange like she's ill...Not strange like she's crazy...Not even strange like she's been replaced by an alien...Just like she's...Nervous.

Vapor never got nervous. Which is why it's so downright different to hear her like this. Was it my comment about making a family that made her feel weird? I better apologize, "Vapor I'm sorry babe. I didn't mean to push the family thing. My bad. I'm sorry." Her eyes meet mine and she ehskaes her head, "What do you mean? I'm fine." But her quavering hand says different. She's not fine...Something's up. Somethings wrong... "Vapor? What's wrong then? You sound nervous. Maybe even scared." She sighs and closes the curtain on our room. Then she takes a seat on the mass of blankets and pillows we called a bed.

Sensing she was about to cry, I sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, "Sweetheart, I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong." Vapor leans into my shoulder and hugs me around the waist. I kiss the crown of her head, "Baby, what's wrong? Just tell me. I'm here for you always. We're forever loves." Vapor sniffs and I realize she's already crying when I feel something wet slip down onto my shoulder. "I-I'm.." Vapor starts but stops.

"You're what?" I ask. Vapor takes a gulp before looking into my eyes, "I can't tell you...You'd hate me for it." My heart pick up serious speed. And a knot form in the pit of my stomach. A knot so tight, a sailor must have made it. "You didn't cheat on me? Did you?" Vapor rigorously shakes her ehad, "No! No I'd never do that to you! I love you..." I sigh and rub circles on the small of Vapor's back, hoping they will bring her comfort, "Please sweet. Please tell me what's bothering you. I would never hate you. We're forever loves remember? I am in love with you forever. See, I could never hate you. It's impossible."

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