Chapter 17.

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"Elsa, be careful." Jack prayed mentally.


In a tree house.....

"Is everyone here?" Flynn asked.

"Yes." they all responded in unison.

"And I have Elsa connected to kindle via her tablet." Anna stated.

"Wait, how do you get Wi-Fi on a bus?" Astrid asked.

"Are you seriously asking that?" Elsa answered like no-shit-we-live-in-a-world-of-technology.

The group we are reading about is known as the super 4.They are Flynn Rider, Astrid, Aster, Anna. ( Elsa is not part of the group but is heavily associated with them.) They might be known as what you called a version of the big four.

This group was also responsible for the yaknog incident in the first special.

Generally speaking, they will help the big four if they have to and that's what they are doing now.

“So Elsa what have you gathered?" Astrid asked getting down to business.

"Pitch plans on blowing up Rapunzel's two minutes from now." Elsa stated in a hurry. Time was of the essence.

"WHAT!!!!" Anna screamed. It so  happened that she accidentally, might have  thrown the kindle outside the window. After which she quick dived to retrieve it.

------------5 minutes later--------

"This says to us, never give Anna a tablet to hold." Aster facepalmed after the latter was found to be miraculously uninjured.

"Sorry." Anna apologized.

"Well, we've spent five minutes trying to save this one so Rapunzel's house must be blown up by now." Astrid reasoned.

"True but it's not on the news yet meaning it has not happened." Flynn answered her. Anna shook their head bit really and truly, she wish she could understand.

"That's because it's not going to happen. Elsa tell us the exact words that came from that bastard's mouth." Aster stated coldly.

"After I got him on the line with Tet Polo, he (as in Pitch) asked him how far away he was from Corona Street. Then Polo answers that he was no  too far, probably in the park or something." Elsa explained slowly.

"Probably?"Anna exclaimed.

"Yes probably. Pitch then asked him, how long will it take for him to blow up a house. Tet Polo answered that in the most two minutes." Elsa continued.

"Two minutes?" Astrid and Flynn answered in unison.

"However, Pitch said he is going to blow up the house when Rapunzel and her mother are out of the house." Elsa finished.

"That's Pitch for you. He is willing to do the worst to you but he will never take away a life. It seems too morbid for him."Aster stated.

"But he willingly took the life of Jack's parents." Anna asked in serious tone.

"I think that one was a misunderstanding of the thief. I bet that the objective was to kidnap them then kill them." Astrid answered.

"That's still killing them!" Anna exclaimed.

"But he will not blow up Rapunzel's house." Aster stated as cool as ever.

"How do you know?" Flynn asked.

"It takes more than two minutes to install a bomb." Astrid continued.

"What do you mean?" Flynn asked. He the only clueless on  in this group. Even Anna understood every thing

"It will take him a good five minutes, at least to get from the park to Corona Street." Astrid started.

"That's true." Anna recognized.

"Also it would take him about ten minutes to install the bomb." Astrid continued.

"But that doesn't mean, that it will not explode in two minutes!" Anna yelled.

"It means that the thief will have for wait for Rapunzel and her mother to get out from their house. That might take a while. And also I bet you Pitch wants the bomb to explode in such a way that Rapunzel is there to see it."

"You're right." Anna exclaimed.

"How do you know all of this?" Flynn asked.

"The internet." Astrid responded merrily.

"And you aren't in prison or being stalked by the FBI?" Flynn asked again.

"Elsa helped me with that." Astrid stated.

"Anna, can you give Flynn the headphones?" Elsa asked calmly.

"Sure." Anna answered unsure.

"Yeah," Flynn greeted casually.

"Eugene Fitzerbert, I swear that if you tell anyone that I..." Elsa started in rage. Flynn listened on and he was scared.

"When Elsa is calm that's one thing. But when she's angry she's like a Demon Mirajane." Anna explained to Astrid as she saw Flynn tremble in fear.

"Who's the Mirajane?" Astrid asked confused.

"Never mind." Anna responded brushing the explaining of that topic away

"Back to the topic, Why would say he won't do it Aster?" Astrid asked.

"Becaue what Elsa heard was a plan B." Aster answered.

"Pitch has a freaking plan B!" Anna screamed.

"And plus, Gothel can't flip a light switch even if it meant her life." Astrid stated.

"True." They all answered in unison.

" did Gothel reach in this?" Flynn asked as clueless as ever.

"Tet Polo is Gothel's nickname." Anna replied like no-shit-Sherlock.

"And Mor'du is Demon Bear and Pitch is.." Astrid continued.

"The boogeyman." Flynn answered. He knew this well. The fact is that Pitch should have been in jail a long time ago but he's rich. And the rich always get away.

"So how can you destroy a person in two minutes?" Flynn proposed. Everyone sat there thinking long and hard.

Then Anna's phone beeped.

"Oh sorry guys." Anna apologized. She began scrolling down the page until she saw the new update and Anna was shocked.

"MY EYES!!!!" She yelled running all over  the house.

"Anna stop or else you'll fall out again."Elsa warned.

Aster decided to look at it too and basically had the same reaction as Anna.

"My bloody eyes!!!!" He yelled running around the house and this time knocking over stuff.

"Anna, what's wrong?" Elsa asked worried.

"I saw something I was not supposed to see." Anna responded still running.

Flynn decided to take a look and his eyes was glued to the screen.

"Gimme that." Astrid stated vexed. Astrid eyes were shocked but this time the reaction was different.

-------------. 5 minutes later.--------

"Why would you destroy my phone." Anna whined.

"It was worth it." Astrid answered.

"I wonder how Rapunzel feels." Elsa sympathized.

"I bet she's moving to another state." Aster replied.

"I would too." Anna continued.

"Let's go and check on her." Flynn proposed.

"Yep." they all answered in unison.

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