Chapter 2

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Listen to Shawn's first Single 'Life Of The Party' I cried when I heard it! I'm so proud of Shawn. He is going to be sooooooo big! I'm excited for what he has in store for his fans!

Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up, brushed my hair, and put my hair in a high pony tail since we have finals. I washed my face, and brushed my teeth. I put my glasses back on and decided not to wear any makeup because it's just school.. I put on some high waisted black shorts and a black shirt with gold letters that say Too Cool For You on the front.

I fixed some oatmeal like I always did and Trinity fixed her grits. I went to Matt's room to see if he was ready. "Matt? are you going to take us to school??" I yelled through the door. "yeah hold up!" I went to me room and got my backpack and put my binder and books in it then put it on my back. Then I got my wristlet that I always take to school because it has my student I.D. tag in it and put my phone in there with 10 dollars. I walked downstairs and got in the car. Matt finally walked out the door with Trinity. They got in and I turned on the radio.

Good morning students, the principal came on the intercom. She continued, today you have part one of your finals! Good luck. Wow that was encouraging!! The teacher passed out the tests and I began taking it.

Skip classes and onto lunch!!

My school is right by Starbucks so basically me and Trinity go there everyday for lunch. I got a croissant roll and I Tall orange refresher. She got the same thing and we sat down. I got a text from Matt saying, I need to tell you something when we get home.. hmmm I wonder if it's what he was talking to Nash about yesterday?? Oh well.. I said ok and then we walked back to school. I got my binder out of my locker because everyone was finished with testing. Then I walked to Science.

Skip the rest of school.. don't you wish you could actually just think in your mind skip to the end of school and it would do that??

Matt picked us up and I was very anxious to know what he was going to tell me. We got home and Matt told me to go do my homework and then he would take me to Taco Bell. I only had to finish my science vocab.

Ten minutes later I was done and then went to go find Matt. "You ready?" I asked him. He nodded and we walked to his car. it was silent the whole way there.

I ordered a Baha Blast and two Cool ranch Doritos tacos. Matt got the same thing and we sat down.


Sorry about the cliffhanger!! How is it? I feel like this story is more detailed than my first.. Maybe it's just me? idk!! Well I'm gonna go write the next chapter!! Stay Beautiful! ~Julia

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