chapter one

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Two kits followed a large shecat through the forest. It was newleaf and everything was growing. Buds on the trees just starting to open to let new leafs grow. The trees casting shadows on the ground as the small family of cats walked. One kit was pure white, she had a long tail and bright blue eyes. The other was a silver tabby with bright green eyes. The mother was a silver tabby with one green eye and one bright blue eye. She smiled at her kits as they pawed through the forest along a trail.

"Today you two get to watch me hunt." She told them smiling.

"Yay!!" The kits cheered excited. They never seen their mother hunt before. They where very much excited.

The mom stopped sniffing the air. "Quiet now. I smell a mouse near by. Stay where you are and dont move or make a sound."

The two shekits nodded and watched her creep off toward the mouse.

The white kit watched her every move studying on how to do it right. She watched as her mother leaped and took the mouse down. Killing it by the throat.

The other kit wasnt paying any need. She was looking at a bush with strange plants growing in front of it.

The mom walked over and put the mouse down and smiled at the kit.

"You found a herb Rose. Well done. Its a fern."

Rose turned to her. "What does it do?"

"It helps a cat heal from injuries. " The mom explained. Than turned to the white kit. "Snowy dont eat it all! Save some for your sister!"

Snowy frowned busted. "Sorry mama."

Rose went over to her sisters side and they started to eat.

Their mother smiled and perked her ears. She looked over at a shaking bush and growled.

"mama?" The kits asked confused looking at her. Their moms fur was on end, her tail swinging from side to side.

"Hide now!!"


But before they could, a badger walked to the clearing snarling.

The kits gasped and their mom got ready to fight.

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