prologue; critical

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prologue; critical

e l i z a b e t h

she played with the thread on the blanket that was neatly folded in her lap. the words spilling from the doctors mouth made her head throb. she couldn't even look at the faces of her parents who sat next to her hospital bed, holding onto each other's hand, her father holding onto her free one. a single tear fell from her eyes and she quickly wiped it away, her head continued to face the white threaded blanket.

"i'm sorry mister and misses cooper, but there is nothing we are able to do," doctor clifford sighed, "and if there were, it would be to much of a cost, barely even affordable in the time being."

"have you tried everything? you didn't try everything, did you?" her little sister noel cried out. elizabeth stole a glance at her before titling her head back down and letting more tears fall.

"there has to be something." her mother whispered in disbelief. "there has to." she felt her fathers hand squeeze hers, she didn't squeeze back.

"they said there's nothing." elizabeth blurted, lifting her head, coming face to face with a mirrored reflection of her mom. puffy eyed and shocked, just like elizabeth. "so drop it, please." she didn't want to hear this conversation drag on. she only had eight months to live, and that was final. it was unable to be cured. she would die in eight months, possibly sooner. there were no miracles.

"i'll leave you all to talk." doctor clifford stood from the creaky seat and exited room 417 with a quiet shut of the door. elizabeth store straight ahead, waiting for her parents to break the uncomfortable silence, but nothing was said. she knew that they were trying to process everything that was happening and deep down she knew she was trying to, but she hated this. she needed them to speak before she started breaking out into sobs.

"say something, please." she whispered and turned towards her parents and little sister. they all held hands and the light from the window shone onto them, that was the only bright thing in this situation. her mother looked up at elizabeth.

"are you okay?" she whispered. elizabeth turned away. how are you going to ask your dying child if they were ok? she shook her head. of course she wasn't okay. she was dying right now, not just on the inside, but the outside. everything was fading.

"we'll make these the best eight months of your life, bunny." her dad spoke up. elizabeth rolled her dark brown eyes. "how? i can't leave this place." she spat, sounding colder than she should.

the day opening made their heads pop up. "i'm sorry mister and misses cooper, but visiting hours are nearly over and we need to go over a couple of things. you will be able to come back as soon as you please tomorrow." they all nodded in unison. noel climbed up onto the bed next to elizabeth and cuddled into her sisters side and silently cried. elizabeth rested her hand on the side of her head and turned towards doctor clifford, nodding for him to began talking.

"okay so elizabeth, you will be able to leave the room. there are many others on this level who are coping with similar things that you are. from being paralyzed to cancer. we wish to make none of you feel trapped so you can go to the cafeteria up here whenever you wish. you can rom the halls and go out to the large balcony during your free time. but there will be therapy sessions for your physical and emotional health. within the first two months of being here, people tend to freak out which causes us to have to put them into weekly therapy sessions. you will need therapy for you physical health at the moment. as you might know, it's not in the movies where everything is perfect after waking up from a two month coma. you have fractures that still need healing and have lost a little bit of your memory. you can remember the basics, faces, and names but some of the minor memories such as childhood have vanished. sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't, but it is very uncommon if they don't. you are able to leave the hospital but only with parental permission since you are a minor. there are actives for everyone on level seven, which is right above us, every friday. since you are no longer apart of school and you ahem graduated, you will not have to attend the study sessions unless you wish."

elizabeth listened carefully to doctor clifford's words and nodded along. she watched her parents every once and a while. some relief washed over them, but their worry and sadness were still there.

"this feels like rehab." elizabeth sighed out. doctor clifford chuckled lightly. "i would be lying if i said that i haven't heard that before, but it is very similar. we just wish to give all the patients more opportunities and make them see that they are not alone." he smiled a large smile, a cheesy one. as if someone behind a camera shouted 'throw the biggest, goofy smile you could ever imagine!' and snapped a picture.

"elizabeth," her mothers voice snapped her away from her thoughts. she looked at her. "we will bring you your things tomorrow, okay? and in two months, we'll have that special family dinner on a friday night that we do once a month. we won't do it without you -"

"you have to get use to doing things without me. so do it."

elizabeth's words brought tears to her mothers eyes and she looked away, her heart shattered into a million pieces.

her mother cleared her throat and finished filling out the papers on her lap and handed them to a sorry faced doctor clifford.

"we'll see you tomorrow sweetheart. goodnight." her mother said and kissed her forehead slowly, soon followed by her father doing the same.

elizabeth could finally breathe once they left the room, yet she felt alone. she had never felt so alone and sad before. she needed doctor clifford to leave.

"it's only nine o'clock. i am sure they are still serving in the cafe. you may attend if you would like?" elizabeth shook her head and grabbed her phone and earbuds.

"i'm not very hungry, just tired. thank you." she declined and let her head fall back onto the soft white pillow. she put her earbuds into her eyes and let the music ring through her ears only to open her eyes and see that doctor clifford was no longer in the room, and she was alone.



okay so new story. i really hope you all like this and elizabeth is a character dedicated to my very best friend since first grade, elizabeth. she is a michael girl so i thought, why not?

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