Jealous!Levi x Reader

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I bet you never had a Friday night

like this:

"You know I think the Shortie likes you!" Hanji blared in my ear.

"Oh I doubt that."

"He does."

"I'm too young."

"You're 23. AND you're a great soldier."

"You're only saying that because I'm in your squad."

"If you don't believe me, I made up a plan along with Horse Face, Eren, Reiner, Bert, Connie, and Armin. Soo basically you can't back out."

"Fine. You have me cornered. Now tell me what it is."

"See ya tomorrow, (f/n)."


-the next day-

"Hey (f/n) what's up babe?" Jean said coming up to me while wrapping an arm around me.

What? I'm used to them all calling me babe, but this is weird.

"Uhh not much, now that you're here." And with that he planted a kiss on my cheek and walked away.


I finished my breakfast and went out to help the new cadets. But what I didn't notice was one pissed off Corporal.


"Ok, Reiner, Bert, just make sure you don't keep your guard down at all. This is very unlike you two."

"We know, we're having a rough day." Bert said while giving me a bear hug. Allllriiiightt....

"Don't worry we'll keep working, sweetheart." Reiner smirked.

"What is going on with everyone today?" I mumbled while walking away, still unaware of the death glare of the Corporal. Reiner and Bert snickered in the background.

I walked around the halls for awhile, trying to find something to do.

"Excuse me, (f/n)?"

"Yes, Armin?"

"Could you help me with something?"

"Of course."

I had to help Armin with some cleaning. It was waaaay to big of a job for him. And apparently it was his 5th time doing it. I made a mental note to say something to the Corporal. I'm really sick of his OCD ways.

-dinner time-

"Hey (f/n) come sit here!" Eren yelled at me. Mikasa snickered. What did she know?

"Oh (f/n), have some of my bread!" Connie winked.

"Thanks guys? Now, tell me what's going on. I'm so confused. All day..."

"(F/n). My office now." I looked up to see corporal Levi, unbelievably mad.

Well I'm screwed.

Levi grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of dinner. I could hear catcalls in the distance.

When we got to Levi's room he dragged my onto his bed after locking his door. After that he descended onto me, while crashing his lips onto mine.


I pushed him off...


"What was going in between you and those filthy cadets."

"Sir, I have no clue. They've been acting strange ever since Hanji..."

"God I'm going to kill Hanji."



"Levi, are you, um, jealous?"

"Of course I am brat!" He once again crashed his lips onto mine.

"Oh and (f/n), you're now mine."

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