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"You're coming out with us! You are the reason we planed on going out!" He told me. I just rolled my eyes and walked toward the steps in front of me.

"Ney, give it a rest! I told you I did'nt pack any clothes so I need to go out and buy some. maybe another time?" I tried to make up an excuse, all though the clothes thing was true.

"Well I'll take you out, get you some clothes and then we go out. Got it?" He asked not letting it go.

"I don't want you buying my clothes. I have a job, that pays well I might add. They pay me for playing with the Andalusian's as well. I have money and I hate when people buy me things, you know that we dated for two years!" I was telling the truth, I hate when people buy me things because I feel like I'm in debt to them.

"Okay but I'm going with you!" I rolled my eyes and he grabbed his car keys. I looked at him, then I had an idea.

"Fine, we'll take your car, but I'm driving!" I ran out to his garage and stopped at the rack of keys. 'hummmm which to take? The black Ferrari 458 Italia? The red Ferrari 458 Speciale? The Ferrari LaFerrari in black, red or white?' I thought to myself. He had other vehicles but I wanted to take one of his Ferrari's. None of the assholes I called my friends would ever let me use theirs and I sure as hell couldn't afford to buy one. I grabbed the keys for the red LaFerrari and ran to it. I opened the door and watched as it rose above my head. "Note to self - Save money, buy this car!" I hopped in and looked at the interior of the car in awe. I started the car and as the engine softly purred to life - I got chills (N/A Had a DWW moment there sorry). I used the garage door opener in the car and opened the door. I slowly rolled out of the garage and stopped in front of him, letting Ney get in. "Okay later we are going to the nearest track and you are letting me take this around a few times!" I said enthusiastically.

"Not in my baby! Besides what makes you think I trust you on a track with any of my cars?" He looked at me like I was insane.

"Do you not remember me getting in trouble with the law because I would street race in other peoples car and my bike?" I was such a trouble maker, especially when I went to school in Brazil. Which was how I met Neymar, he was one of my collage buddies friend. He asked me out one time, we were together for a year and a half. He then - out of the total blue - proposed to me. I said yes, then six months later I was needed at home; so home I went leaving a broken hearted Neymar behind. I then decided that I couldn't sit at home and just sulk all day trying to build up the courage to call him. So when I herd about Gareth's move I jumped at the chance to get out of the rut I was stuck in. It seemed that Neymar had a similar idea only he decided to play for the enemies. We back to being friends but I miss the simple things that we had. His strong shoulder to lean on, the way he looked at me, the way he made me laugh. We could look at each other and know - really know what the other was thinking.

"Earth to Amber!!!" he had his hand waving in front of my face. I had zoned out thinking about the almost three years I had spent with him in Brazil.

"What? I missed what you said," I sputtered a tad embarrassed.

"I said 'Oh yeah! I remember now! I all so remember so other things happening in Brazil between the two of us' nudge nudge wink wink" I started at him in amazement. My body took over before my brain could comprehend. I missed his lips on mine. I was stretched across the center console, leaning into him. His eyes fluttered closed and I felt a pang of relief rush trough me. "I love you!" he said in between breaths.

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