First Day of Senior Year

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*Beep Beep Beep*

"Ughh stupid alarm." I mummbled.

I guess I have to get up. Scince i showered last night, i just put on some black high waisted shorts, a blue flannel, and a flower crown. Today I decided to straigten my hair. I turned on my straigtener and waited for it to heat up. While waiting i went to go get my black and white Converse from my closet. I finished starigtening my hair and checked my self in the mirror and went downstairs. I checked the time and it read 7:00. School starts at 7:15. I decided to eat a quick bowl of cereal then go.

*Skip Car Ride*

I got out of my car and started to look for Luke,Lizbeth,or Stacy. I was getting tired of looking for them so i just decided to go to my locker. On my way there I bumped into a boy. While he was helping me up i couldnt stop looking at his beutifull green eyes.

"I am so sorry" he said

I could tell he was not from here because of his accent.

"Oh,its ok. It was my fault, I was not looking" I said

"My name is Harry, Harry Styles"

"I am Lianna Winters" I said with a smile.

"Do you mind helping me find my locker?" He asked

"Ya sure. Whats the number?"


"Thats 2 lockers down frowm where mine is" I said.

While walking down the hallway I saw two people making out. It makes me wonder were Luke and Lizbeth were. Stacy already texted me saying she cant make it because her and her family were out off town. As we were getting closer to the couple I was able to recognise who they were. Luke and Lizbeth.

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