I Cant Be Without You

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Finnick's POV


"Hey guys! Guess what!" Annie asks with an enormous glowing smile in her face. "What is it Annie?" Glimmer asks. "I got a new boyfriend!" She squeals.


Wait! Finnick stop caring so much! She's your half sister why do you care if she has a boyfriend or not it's not like you love her or anything.

Yes you do.


"His name is Luke, Luke Hemmings." She gushes "He's perfect. He has an Australian accent because he just moved here from Sydney and his hair glows like the sun and he has an adorable lip piercing on his bottom lip."


"Annie so you're in love with a guy he punches holes in his face" I ask with a look of disgust. "No! his lip piercing is adorable!" she says with a pouty face. Aw that face is so adorable. 😍

Wait. Oh no....

I'm in love with Annie Cresta.


"AHHHH!" I wake up screaming. "Finn! Finn what's wrong" Kat whisper yells. "Katniss I need to tell you something in privet. "Okay"

I lead her out onto the balcony "Katniss I'm in love with Annie." i say "Oh shoot." she says but I know she wanted to say something else.😏 "I knew it. I heard you murmuring 'Annie' in your sleep" she says "WHAT?! WHAT IF SHE HEARD ME!" I yell. Katniss quickly covers my mouth. "Shut up or they'll hear you!" she hisses. "sowwy" I say in a small voice.

"You have to tell her." She says in a serious tone. "Okay I will. Today."

Annie's POV

I wake up to the feeling of a elephant sitting on me. "What the fudge!" I scream when I see a crazed looking Finnick sitting on top of me. "C'mon I'm taking you out." he says. EEK! Oh wait he probably means just as friends. Oh well a girl can dream.

I take a shower a dress in some dark high waisted shorts, a orange and pink floral crop top, and a pair of white high top converse. I do simple make up and leave my hair down.

I skip down the stairs and grab my purse. "Lets go!" Finnick says happily.

We go eat at Peeta's bakery and then go to the park. "Annie?" Finn asks "Yes?" I respond

"Annie I love you. I loved you since I laid eyes on you and your fiery hair, your emerald eyes, and rosey cheeks. I loved you then and I love you now. I never stopped." He confesses.

"Finnick I've been feeling the same way. I love you."



I'm writing one more chapter and then an epilogue. and then.......


I really really really really really hope you like this book.

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