Chapter 3 - The Barefoot Guy

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“Morning Violet”

 “Good morning Eva”

“It went well, yesterday?”

“I think so, he’s nice so it’s okay if I ask anything, you know me and my 300 doubts, and that’s a huge relief” I tell her.

“See, I knew he was nice… “

“Just like… that Edward?”

“Yes just like him” She rolls her eyes

Is my turn to laugh.



“C’mon, tell me” she demands

I inner debate about talking about her probably crush, I just met her yesterday, she is very nice and all but well…

“You like him?”

“Edward ? I don’t know… He’s cute and funny and I like to be with him, but he seems like he didn’t like to be committed you know? Another week, another girl you know, we are different but at the same time I feel such connection, I know I can’t call it love, probably just a crush…”

“How do you know?”


“How do you know that’s not love or how do you know it’s love?”

“You just feel it” She simple responds

“You just feel it? Just like that?”

“Yes, simple as that”

“Feelings are anything but simple”

Feeling sucks.

As our teacher tells us to pay attention, we didn’t talk until the bell ring, was already lunch time and Eva introduce me to her Friends. Julia her best friend, Sam Julia’s boyfriend, Thomas and Adam they were all in Lecture Club expect Thomas he was a ‘free spirit’ as he called himself, he loved to skate. I lunch with them but I felt like I don’t fit here, don’t get me wrong they are all super nice, but for some reason I don’t fit.

I decide to go early to our classroom. It was empty thank god. I take the book that I’m currently reading out of my bag and I start to read. Sometimes I just need to be alone, out of all the confusion, to be left with the silence, and my own thoughts, to get in my world, to feel a little bit in home, in my home in my world in peace.

The silence was break with a rush wet and confused Mark

“Am I late?” he asks breathless

“No” I laugh “The bell isn’t rang yet”

“Really? I thought It was the second ring, I was in the balneary”

“Always training?”

“I have to, football is my passion. Always reading?”

“I must to, books are my passion”

He laughs and so do I

“Why are you here, alone?”

That’s a good one..,

“Need some silence, I guess”

The awkward silence comes.

“So and Philosophy, is it good?”

“It’s perfect I have already some doubts, you know…”

“As always” he laughs “But that’s great, doubts are the first step for knowledge you know? So Thursday in my house?”

“Yes,  Tutor” I giggle.

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