I look up where the voice came from and my jaw drops. There's a guy about our age, brown gorgeous eyes and  dark curly hair pulled up into a quiff almost mirroring Jai’s, but what most made my jaw drop was that he looked exactly like Jai.

I feel like I have stared him for little too long now but I'm starting to notice those little differences; Jai has his eyebrows pierced but this guy has nose stud and a lip ring, and Jai doesn’t have the small freckle on his nose like this guy does, the resemblance between the two is uncanny, without looking for the small detail it would be easy to mistake the two.

This guy, who I assume to be Luke, wore a pair of black Adidas shorts and a simple white t-shirt which gave me a good peak to his right arm that was covered with colourful ink.

"Luke Brooks" He gestures his right hand before me and gives me a friendly smile

I still haven't said anything, I have had meant to open my mouth but whenever I tried to speak my voice was gone. The tension and silence between us all made me feel even more uncomfortable. Jai should have had at least introduced me and not pretend like he didn't care, but wait, maybe he doesn't care

"He's my twin brother" Jai finally opens his mouth as if he read my mind.

He always does it and it's beginning to creep me out

"So who's this pretty lady?" Luke smirks and I can see Jai's jaw tense as he gives Luke that death glare

"I'm Hope. Hope Miller" I smile and shake hands with him, he seems to be Jai's opposite; friendly and actually half decent

Jai is never friendly; gosh he never will be friendly. I feel Jai's stare burning into my skin as I continue to talk with Luke, mostly about weather as it was the best I came out with after an awkward silence.

"But hey, I guess I better head up to kitchen, my shift started 10 minutes ago" Luke smiles to me and then gives a stern look to Jai

I can sense it, there's something between those two, something that has lead it to this point and my curiosity takes power of me

"What is up with you and Luke?" I ask once Luke left, I raise my brows giving Jai a smirk

"It's a--" he sighs and then of course Rose rolls out of the kitchen with a tray of our food

We sit in silence as she places the tray on our table

"Enjoy your meal" she smiles kindly and I mumble thank you as Jai still decides to be an asshole

"So" I look at the burger in front of me

"It's a long story, am I right?" I give a questioning look to Jai but to my surprise he isn't paying attention as he shoves a burger in his mouth

"Jai" I raise my voice and he looks at me the same way he looked at Luke

"Fuck yes, it's a long story" he mumbles with a mouth full of food

I still haven't touched mine, it looks delicious but I'm not on the mood of eating since I'm sitting here with a fucking psychopath.

"I have time" I look down on my lap and pinch my leg

Fuck, I am awake.

 "Long story short--" he swallows his burger and looks at the kitchen door's window where Luke smiles to me. I give him a small wave and look back at Jai.

"I just hate him" he chuckles "next question"

With that, I have had enough. I stand up and smack my hands to the table giving a death glare to Jai before leaving. I stumble out of the small diner and breathe in the fresh air. I have no idea where I'm again, but I don't give a shit, this time I won't let Jai to "consume" me, fuck never again. He's a psychopath and he hates his own twin brother for no reason? Even though I don't like Ruby, it doesn't mean I hate her. I slowly sit down on the cold ground and look over the silent driveway. He drove us so far away from everything, this was his plan...to trap me. He promised to answer my questions if I came with him, I should’ve never came with him in the first place.

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