Perfect People

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Chapter 1- Jade's POV

I was so excited we were going out to night, I needed something nice to wear because I knew there were going to be lots of boys at Maddie's party, I mean she was a popular girl and every popular girl probably has a ton of guys wanting to date her. I don't think she'll notice if I stole one a way from her. I texted Britney to ask if she wanted to come to the party with me.

Me: Hey, Britz. Maddie is having a party tonight, wanna come?

Britney: Yeah, fine by me, getting ready at ur place or what?

Me: Yep, see you then.

I still don't know what I should wear, I'll probably go look in my sisters cupboard, she's got beautiful clothes in there and she's also one of the popular girls in the senior grades. I quickly snuck into her room and got a gorgeous pair of white jeans, a red top and a matching pair of red heels. I his them in my wardrobe so she couldn't see them and I went down stairs to watch a little bit of TV. After hours of watching TV Britney showed up, we ran upstairs and took a shower. Britney was wearing her cream coloured dress and a matching pair of heels, she curled her fringe hair and put the rest in a bun, she had diamond earrings on with a matching necklace. "Wow, Britz you look georgeus, are you going to the red carpet or what?  She had a good sense of style and she was stinking rich too and there in was a lame person who borrowed her step sisters clothes because she couldn't afford her own.

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