Chapter 25: I want you back

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Jacobs Pov:

I really didn't tell anyone and I hoped no one knew but I ended up leaving this morning to go to London. I had to get her back Aria meant the world and so much more to me. I've been searching everywhere for Aria's hotel nobody will give me information about her or her mother. I was just about to give up when a hotel close to her studio happened to be the one.

Walking into the hotel was very shoking to my extent. Walking into the lobby was alright until a few girls about 5-10 crowded around me. They knew who I was and they asked me for pictures and it was nice. After spending a few minutes with them I altered the clerk at the desk.

"Hi may I help you sir? need a room?" the clerk said to me. "No, just need to find out what room Aria Jones is staying in" I said. The woman raised her eyebrow. "I shouldn't be telling you this, I can't" she said hesitating. "please" i pleaded with her. The woman agreed and handed me Aria's information and I was just about to step in the elevator but I stopped. I had no plan how was I gonna get her back? She hated me. I walked to my car and sat in it for a little while. I couldn't think of anything until I remembered my guitar. I grabbed my guitar and hit the elevator button and got to the third floor.

I went to the last room on the floor which was Arias on suite. it was so quiet on this floor, I leaned against the wall and played the melody of fall on my guitar.

Aria's POV:

I was in the hotel room relaxing on my bed and thought about how lonely I was. it was very peaceful and quiet but I swear I head the melody of fall in the hallway. It made me think of Jacob more as I laid in my bed I heard the music get louder.

After about three minutes I opened my hotel room door and I saw Jacob. He looked like he hadn't slept in days and he have me puppy eye look, when he saw me he smiled slightly and began to sing.I tried my hardest to hide my smile but I couldn't help it.

Jacob sang fall and I never smiled so hard, he came all the way from Cali to come sing to me.I just looked at him I was speechless he came just to see me and after I told him I hated him and never wanted to see him again.

"Please listen" he begged me. "Aria I never meant to hurt you I messed up so bad. I'm so sorry I miss you and need you more than ever. I didn't mean for you to think that Bea and I aren't were more than friends. I love you and I'm sorry I'm a jerk I know. The past weeks have been horrible. I'm sorry I went out with Bea. I just needed someone and she wasn't you. I needed you. I need you and only you take me back I want you" he pleaded with me.

I looked down hestitate "Jacob" I say. "Aria, please I love you" he whines. Jacob sees me hestiate again and he gets down on his knees. I couldn't help but laugh. He laughs too "Come on you have me on my knees begging for you please" he says again. "Yes I forgive and I love you so much" I finally say.

Jacob picked me up and spun me around "thank you baby" he whisperes. I rested my forehead on his and i pressed my lips against his. "I missed you" I say. "I missed you more" he says back.

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