Just like last time, I was disappointed when I woke up. 

Adam wasn't there like I thought he was going to be. He must have left sometime after I'd fallen asleep because the bed was cold.

I didn't even remember getting into bed.

When I woke up, however, I realised that I was still in yesterday's clothes underneath the cover and I sighed with relief. At least he hadn't tried to change me. 

I was disappointed that he wasn't there when I woke up but I knew he'd feel awkward, despite the events of last night, to stay the whole night with me. Also, my mum knew that he had been here and she probably would have asked questions if he'd stayed the whole night.

Maybe he'd wanted to but she'd told him to get out?

It was plausible but Ihad a feeling that he willingly left just to prevent any strange feelings in the morning.

I knew he didn't like the position I was in. Hell, he probably felt helpless. He could clearly see that Kai's situation was bothering me and, although he didn't know much about the situation, I was worried about slipping up to him and getting him put in danger.

I didn't even know how Kai was going to react when I told him about a little change in the plans. 

I'd enjoyed my day off but, after this, I knew it wouldn't happen again.

I wished that I'd never woken up.

I also hoped that Adam would pick me up on the way to college so that we could talk.

However, when I finally left my house, Adam's car was no where to be seen. Frowning and assuming that he was late, I shuffled in my bag and pulled out my ipod. I'd started to leave later and later each day, knowing that I'd get picked up, but now I had to hurry in order to make it to classes. It was my own fault, really. I should have kept leaving at the same time so that if something like this happened then I'd still be able to make it without having to jog.

I placed my ipod headphones into my ears, glad that I'd chosen today of all days to bring them with me, and began singing along absentmindedly to the songs playing in my head, all the while looking out for Adam's familiar car to come riding up next to me.

By the time I'd got to the corner of the road before college, Adam still hadn't driven past. I started to get nervous and my gloved hands twitched towards my phone, wondering if I should call him or leave him be. He could just be really, really late. There was always a possibility that he had slept in by accident. 

As I reached the college carpark, I instantly grabbed my phone and called him, seeing that his car was absent from the grounds. 

Straight to voicemail.

I sighed and tried again, hoping that I wasn't distracting him if he was driving.

Straight to voicemail.



I groaned and shoved my hand back in my pocket. He had to have his phone switched off. He wouldn't ignore my calls, especially if I called so often in a short space of time.

He worried too much about me, right?

I was probably just being stupid, worrying about nothing. Maybe he'd got a lift with someone else? Maybe his car died? Maybe he was asleep? Maybe his dad had...

I couldn't even think about that.

I dragged my feet towards the college, my good mood dampening immediately. I didn't know how I was going to handle today without Adam around. Although he didn't hang out with me, I knew he had my back. Kai used to have my back but since all of the developments, I wasn't sure if he would still react that way if someone decided to attack me.

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