Emily's POV:

When Michael opened the door I swear I could have died! Why would the lord wish upon my death? Every part of my body is hurting right now.

"Hi, you've disturbed my precious gaming time." He greeted laughing at himself.

"Hey. Erm Olivia is supposed to be here. She said I could chill here today." I half lie.

She never said all day. Haha.

"Sure. Come in. Do you like video games? YouTube? Anything, that involves the internet?" He asks as I sit on the couch staring at the Xbox remotes.

"Erm yeah. I do play games on the Xbox but mainly sims and minecraft. I also love YouTube and any social networking site." I proudly admit.


"Man, you disturbed my beauty sleep. Can you not. I need ma sleep. Hi Emz." Calum walks into the room rubbing his eyes.

"Hey Cal." I try to pry my eyes away from his torso.

"How did everyone else know about her?" Michael asks as if he is hurt.

"Because, some people get out of bed and out of their bedrooms on a regular basis." Calum sighs, as if he has already explained this to him many times.

"Michael, you shouted me?" Luke states as he emerges from his room with another figure.

I gasp at the figure.

"Emily?" An Irish accent questions.

"Niall? What? How? Why?" I blurt out as I stand up too quickly and stumble into the kitchen avoiding all of the eyes that are staring at me.

I yank my phone and earphones out of my pocket and start to play some music. I put it on full blast as I start to relax at the breakfast bar.

"You're like perfection some kind if holiday. You got me thinking that we could run away. You want I'll take you there you tell me when and where. Oh oh oh."

By now I am up from the stool and jumping and kicking my legs to the song singing along. I burst out of the kitchen and into the living room not looking at anyone. I forgot who sang this song. The people who inhabit this house. Wonderful.

I open my eyes to see all four of the boys staring at me, Liv and Niall were staring too. I smile shyly and continue with the song dancing and singing along.

I embrace it even more by taking the headphones out of the headphone jack. I giggle as I do so.

Ashton and Olivia walk awkwardly back to his room. Niall walks away even more awkwardly. But Calum and Michael embrace the song with me.

I go even further and jump onto the sofa on Michael's solo singing my heart out. Luke finally joins in after judging us for the majority of the song.

I stop singing and admire what I have just managed to do. When the song stops I am still staring at the three of them.

"Earth to Emily." Calum claps in front of my face.

"Hello is anybody home?" Luke knocks lightly on my forehead causing me to wake up and react.

"Ow. That hurt. Lol jk no it didn't." I chuckle and flick his nose.

"What should we do then?" Calum asks.

"Well I've traveled in the outernet already today so... should we play a game?" I share my thoughts.

"That perhaps is the best idea I have heard all week." Michael and Luke say simultaneously.

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