Brokenhearted (Sequel to Set fire to the rain) -Ghost of you-

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---The teams pov---

Aaron sat and was reading the file on the jet they have. His mind was elsewhere while he read the file and was slowly getting frustrated as he kept thinking of aria. He sighed and looked around as everyone was reading their files. “so..what do we know of him?” Aaron asked while jj was getting some coffee.

“he has OCd and a compulsion to take trophies…like the skin off a girl for her tattoo” Reid said and seemed distracted as well everyone was trying to stay in the game but their worry for aria grew stronger with each passing hour.

They chatted and soon were on the ground in Alaska; unknowingly that’s where aria was in the mental hospital there stuck in the four walls that were keeping her from her team.

They walked forward and saw a cop from Alaska and they all shook hands. “im SSA Aaron HOtchner” Aaron said shaking hands with them.

“we have had a lot of weird things happening here including the murders I hope you can find the son of a bitch” captain kreugar said making everyone frown.

“what do you mean?” JJ asked and aaron looked at her in thanks.

“well we seem to have a team…two murderers or  a thief…a lot of things have been stolen from the hospital..” He said and everyone looked at eachother and morgan nodded.

“alright we need a place to set up and a hotel” Aaron said as morgan grabbed some bags as did jj with reid Garcia was here as well.

We all went inside and I looked at morgan setting up with Garcia. I sat down and was handed a coffee. “thank you” I said looking at reid as he smiled nodding slightly.

“Of about this team do you think its possible? I mean do you really think we have two instead of one?” Reid asked and I thought about it for a minute drinking my coffee.

“maybe..i think something else is  going on here and we should try to figure out what it is” Aaron said before he took another sip of coffee.

---Arias Pov---

I sat in the room and looked at my body, I was starving I haven’t eaten for two days and I feel bad since other people are starving in the world. Now I know how they felt I would never look at food the same way again.

I felt cold too and I sighed beratting myself, I was stronger then this.

I heard the door open and was tossed a wrapped sandwhich I gulped looking at him. Death said nothing as I I unwrapped it and started eating the half sub. I was rolled a water bottle and I opened it chugging it down while he took care of the wrappers.

“why are you being nice?” I asked on the second bite, he just looked at me and smirked.

“it’s a good day when your family is here looking for another serial killer and not you isn’t it?” HE asked and I felt icy at his words.

“Wh-what?” He held up a bomb and smirked. “im blowing you up…in two days its set to go off ill give clues to your friends hopefully they can save you in time Aria..” HE said and I gaped I knew how to take care of bombs. “this is more complex then what you dealt with try and mess with it and itll be set off..or make you lose time…trust your friends or trust yourself..” He said and set it down making me itch wanting to take care of it. I know he wont send for help so how can I trust ill be found?

Dear god help me….i have to make a choice…

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