As I finish up work for the day,I take the last few documents to my boss who doesn't even know I exist,I don't bother knocking on the door so I just walk in and back out again. I might as well quit. I got my bag and left through the doors and went to an open late cafe and sat down. A waitress came over,

"can I take your order?"

"can I have a coffee please?"

"sure" she says plainly "anything else?"

"no thank you"

"okay" she says and walks away

I take my sketch book out and start drawing random stuff-I heard the door opening and watch five guys walk in,the waitress comes over to me and gives me my coffee before walking straight to the boys

"thanks?" I say but she probably didn't hear me,she takes their orders and walks away. As I continue to think of what I can draw-I didn't realize that I was staring at one of the boys from the group until I heard the conversation.

"She quite something isn't she Ashton?"

"she is Calum but why would something as delicate as her-be here all by herself?"

Now I was getting scared

"Why don't you go and ask her?" the blue haired one asks with a smirk on his face

"wait and see Michael"  Luke smirked "wait and see"

"weird.." I thought. I took a sip of my coffee and began to draw a flower floating in the river by itself,it has white music notes on it and has sparkles shooting around it. I felt like I was being stared at but I ignored it for now. The stare was growing on me so I shot my eyes up in the direction of the boys-they all looked at me with weird stares so I shot my eyes back to my drawing.

I decided I was going to go home, I left my money on the table for the waitress to pick up and left without saying another word. I felt like I was being followed again so I decided to pick up my pace a bit-but that didn't help-the people behind me got faster and faster-one of them ended up in front of me making me bump into them...I got really paranoid.

"sorry..I didn't see you there.." I say awkwardly

"its fine love"  the voice sounds familiar

"okaaayy.." I tried to walk past him but he gripped my wrist 

"where do you think your going hun?" he asks me with a devilish look on his face

"home" I responded blatantly

"why don't I walk you?" he winked

" fine.." I release from his grip and walk ahead-fast-creeps these days!!

As I continue walking through the dark streets I trip over a rock-making my make-up fall out my bag, I use the flashlight on my phone and shine it down a small ally-way where my make-up had rolled away. I walked over to them and bend down to pick them up-but then they zoomed away?! I shine my flashlight in the direction they went in only to find someone standing there holding them;

"these yours love?" he asks me

"y-y-yes" I respond,afraid of what he might do to me

"here" he says..passing them forward "don't worry-I wont bite"

I walk towards him and grab ,my things from him "t-thanks" I say shaking and put them back in my bag

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