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Rafael POV

I wake up feeling warm and fuzzy but it's hard. Wait! Since when was my pillow hard and warm?! I opened my eyes and looked to see someone's chest in front of me. I look up to see Chris with his arms around me sleeping. Awww, so kawaii!!! His sleeping face is so adorable!

"Mhm...Rafael...dont do...that..." Chris mumbles. Huh? I wonder why he's dreaming about me. Then he leans down and he kisses me. What?! H-hes s-s-straight!! Calm down! Calm down! He probaly just thinks I'm one of his girlfriends. He moves his hand to the back of my neck pulling me closer. Then his eyes open and he jumps back with shock plastered on his face. "R-rafael!!"

Chris POV

I see Rafael siting on the bed looking down. I walk over to him and see tears in his eyes. "C-chris!" He says and jumps up, hugging me.

"W-what's wrong Rafael?" I ask holding him, patting his head. I hear him mumble something and look up at me innocently. His eyes say, 'devour me' but I know that it would be wrong if I did. However it gets the better of me and I push him onto the bed. I lean down and start kissing him slowly. I glide my tongue along his bottom lip asking for entrance. He quickly gives it to me and I let my tongue explore his mouth. I let my hand travel down to his belt. Then in between his thighs and I started rubbing in circles. I did that for a while and he must have been really impatient. He flipped me over so that he was on top and started grinding on me.

"Mhm...Rafael...don't do...that..." I say in between moans.

Then it slowly fades away and is replaced by Rafael in my arms. He looks so adorable that I just want to eat him up. I can't resist him anymore so I lean down. I start kissing him and it feels almost real but it was just another one of my dreams. So I might as well enjoy it. I move my hand to the back of his neck and I pull him closer. Wait wait! Why does it feel so real?

I realize that I'm actually awake and I open my eyes. I jump back realizing that I had actually kissed him. Oh great! Now he's so gonna hate me for sure!

"R-rafael!" I stutter shocked. "Ah uh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to. I uh thought you were my girlfriend..." I tell him coming up with the first thing that popped into my head. I see hurt, pain, and sadness cross his face but is quickly replaced with something that I can't quite tell.

"I-it's ok...I'm gonna get ready for school..." he mutters and then gets up. He grabs some clothes and other stuff then walks out. I sigh running a hand through my hair. Well...might as well get ready for school. I get up and grab a black skin tight t-shirt, a leather jacket, and black skinny jeans and put them on. Then comb my hair and walk downstairs.

I hear a whistle behind me, "well don't you look hot, goin' for the bad boy look today?" I turn around to see my mom say.

"Yeah why not?" I tell her and shrug my shoulders.


*hides behind couch* please don't hate me for the dream! I just wanted to add something like that in! But I hope you like it!

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