Let's Go.

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"OHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDDDDDD!" i screamed obnoxiously. I was running around the house with no intensiona nd idea of where i was going. Everyone was laughing really hard. I got tired and collapsed on the floor.

"Danny!" i called.

"What?" he asked in a fake annoying voice.

"Im bored." i said exagerating the d.
"Well what do you want me to do?" he asked with an amused face. He was sitting on the far couch. For some reason he would lurch forward every now and then but pull himslef back. I was laying on my side, drawing in the frilly rug that was over the wood flooring. I drew D + D on accident. I quickly rubbed over it so you can't see it.

"Uhmmm...you can get me Star bucks.... and Burger Kimg.... and KFC." i offered. Everyone laughed really hard.

"How about i just get you a Whopper, fries, and a chocolate caramel frap?" he asked standing over me. I was flat on my back and he was standing with me inbetween my legs.

"How did you do that....?" i asked in a breathed voice.

"Do what?" he questioned.

"Read my mind..." i trailes off. I giggled uncontrolably and he lift me up by my hands. He pulled me into him and placed sweet kisses on my lips.

"You wanna come with me?" he asked brushing hair from my fave to behind my ears. He held my other hand to his chest.

"Mmhmm." i said getting on my tiptoes and kissing his nose. *Snap* "WOULD YOU STOP THAT?" i asked annoyed to Ariana.

"IM SORRY! I can't help it! You guys are too adorableeeeee." she whyned i giggled and pull Danny. I grabbed his keys and put them in my back pocket. I didn't wamt to rum up stairs and get my purse.

I held both his hands behind me and we walked to my blue Pries.

He turned me around and kissed me. I kissed back. I felt his hands go down my back to my pocket. He slid his hand in my back pocket amd grabbed the keys. THAT SNEAK AND TEASS!

"Ugghhh i hate you!" i groaned as he ran off to the driver's side, dangling the keys and evily lauging.

"No. You love me." he corrected. He was very right. VERY.

"Maybe..." i said getting in my seat.

We drove to StarBucks first and got me and the girls coffees. Then we pulled up to the drive-thru window at Burger King and ordered 8 Whoppers, 8 medium fries, and 4 sodas. Since the guys don't want coffee. "It's too white girly." they said.

Andrew even said, "It's why our country is in debt. Because white girls and starbucks."  *mental scoff*

We pulled into the drive way with the delectible food. I took the bag in hand and he took the tray.

I unlocked the door to my- well my parent's house, and went in.

"WE HAVE SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS FOR THOU TO CONSUMITH!" i announced in a bold voice. Every one rushed in and hrabbed their food. I swear... they were secretly wolves....

I walked over to the table where everyone was seated. I take a seat nexr to Danny and squirt some ranch on my plate. I dip my fries in it and take a bite. Everyone is staring at me except for Danny. "Guys she's done that since we were little...nothing new. Plus it's really good." he said taking a fry and dipping it in my ranch. I honestly couldncare less.. i love himnsoni will share my food. Woah.....that's new....i never share....esspecially when it comes to food.

We finish our meal and i jump on the couch and lay down.

Then some little mexican girl thinks it's ok to sit on my stomach.

"ARIANA!!! Danny get her off me!" i squeal. She does while laughing and Danny sits on me!! What am i a cushion?!!!! (if i spelled that wrong i don't care. i don't want comments about it.)

"Dannyyyyyy!" i whyne. He chuckles and picks my legs up. He stands on the couch and i go on instagram. He pushes my legs forward twords my head.

"Ow." i said bluntly. He chuckles and sits down and puts my legs on his lap.

He takes my phone from my hands...ugh....turns it off and pulls me on his lap.

"My phone...." I trail off as he puts it in his pocket.

He carresses my cheek and i hold my hand on his to keep it there. I close my eyes leaning against his chest. Mmmm He's warm.

I open my eyes and see he's staring at me. He leans down and kisses my lips. They move in sync with mine and i place my hands behind his neck. he holds my waist as he turns me to straddle his lap. We break apart and our noaes and foreheads are touching . He kisses my nose and i resume my position.

After about ten minutes everyone goes home.

"What should we do now?" i ask Danny while tracong the hem of his shirt.

"We could go house hunting......." he trails off. I shoot up and straddle his lap with his shirt in my hands.

"Wait.... so your saying-" he cut me off.

"Do you wanna get a house together?" he asks. with hopefull eyes.

"Yes! But wait... how did my dad take it..?" i asked unsure.

"He said it's a great aay to teach us responsibility....but your mom said that if we do we have to get a house that's good to.....uhmm....raise kids in." he said rubbing his neck. I took his hand away and lifted his chin to look at how big i was smiling.

"Do you want a family? You know in a few years after we get married?" i asked him.

"Hell yeah. I've always loved kids... and i deffinatly want to have them with you." i smiked and kisssed his lips.

"Let's go." i said getting off of him and holding out my hands.

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