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Chapter six:


“I am not in the mood for any more of your shitty mind games.” I growled

“Please Miss. Burn, as we said there is a lot you are unaware of.” Damain replied his voice softening. “Please, let me show you and I’ll explain everything” Getting up, the three of them made their way to a door at the back. I hesitated but knew I too had to follow.

The doorway led to a darkened corridor, slanted walls on either side. The others walked ahead taking amble steps.  I tried to swallow the knot in my throat but failed, I could feel the beginning of a panic attack. All too soon we entered a glass door which led into a room with what looked like a MRI scanner in the middle.

I could see a figure lying in the middle of the machine, the skin a pale blue colour. 

“Miss Burn, I am sorry to tell you but this is your brother Jack.” Leading me over to the cylinder I could see a shallow face through the glass. The figure was a boy, probably around the age of nineteen with thick brown hair and freckles. Tubing entered his mouth allowing him to breathe from what looked like a ventilating system located next to the machine.

“I do not have a brother,” I replied simply, stone faced and solemn. This figure meant nothing to me.

“Two years before you were born your mother had a son, Jack, with a daemon named Crate. After the birth Crate turned on your mother and tried to take Jack away. Your father, a great friend of your mothers for a time, tried to intervene. Things got ugly and Crate was eventually exiled up north into the Bahamge region. Before leaving, however, Crate bribed a warlock to set a spell on your brother, sending him into a lifelong coma. He has been here ever since.”

Shocked I looked over at the boy, “How come my father never mentioned any of this.”

“We advised him to keep it a secret. You see this spell was meant to kill your brother, for reasons we are still unaware of. We have reason to believe that Crate was planning something when he began relations with your mother and has continued those plans in the Bahamge. This is why we need your help.”

“To do what exactly?” I asked suddenly angry. Dad and I had shared everything our whole lives, how could he not tell me about Jack.

“We think we may be able to hunt down this warlock and save your brother. Once Crate realises Jack is awake we hope he will come after him, allowing us to discover his true intentions.”

“Oh, so you wanna use my almost dead brother for fucking bait.” I screamed pushing Damain aside. His two companions simply stood there in silence, their heads bent as if out of embarrassment.

“We do what we must here to survive Miss. Burn, your father understood this as shall you. We need your help Fate, your tie with your brother will lead us to the warlock and once that has happened you will have your brother back.” I knew they were just using me but I couldn’t just walk away and leave Jack for a life of imprisonment inside his own body.

“What happens when he wakes up, he’ll be like a two year old,” I realised, beginning to make sense of the situation.

“Crate was an extremely powerful daemon, of exceeding intellect. Such daemons never stop learning and so we believe, over time, Jack can be taught how to function and talk like an average adult.”

“But you can’t ensure this.”

“Sometimes Miss. Burn, there are times in life we have to take risks. This is one of them.”

“What will be the terms of my employment?” I asked suddenly becoming clinical again.

“Between school and weekends we will have you assigned to training programmes here at the CAHA. Once we are satisfied with your progress you will be assigned to Bluette’s team in hopes of finding this warlock or any intel into the workings of Crate.”

“I guess this is it then,”

“You start Monday after school, Jaquline, will you escort Miss. Burn to the exit.” Pointing towards a nurse by the door I followed glancing back to see the three men engrossed in a hushed discussion. Jaquline remained silent for the entire journey with not even a glance In my direction. Leading me into a lift she pressed the G and left back down the hallway in continued silence. 

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