Chapter Twenty Four

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I felt arms wrap around me am I collapsed into them. They weren't Jess' I knew that straight away they didn't complete me like Jess' would. I didn't smell her comforting smell that would wrap around me and make me feel better straight away.


The arms around me were comforting me they held me like a mother would a child, and that just made me cry more I felt loved and cared for.

"It's ok sweetling I said we had a plan."

I couldn't understand her but I knew she was trying to soothe me and just the tone of her voice was doing that she was gently rocking me.

"They can't say on pack lands but we have a couple of pack members that live in or closer to town and we've spoke to them and they are more then happy to have them of something happens they understand the situation and they agreed to look after them like there own, there's a total of 5 families for you to see and choose from." She said gently.

I glanced up at her and I could see her smiling down at me, and I felt like everything was going to be ok, I knew it now no matter what happened to me my family would be safe and well cared for and I couldn't ask for more. I felt a smile stretch upon my lips.

"Thank you." I say gently and gratefully, knowing it's not enough but also knowing that no matter what I did nothing would ever be enough.

The next few days flew by I spend nearly every minute of the day with my family making sure I spend as much time as I could with them, I didn't want to die and leave them without them knowing I loved them they were my everything Jess spend as much time as she could with unless she was doing werewolfy stuff, and my nights were spend with Jess getting to know each other, I feel more and more in love with her and I definitely didn't want to die and leave them.

It was the night of the full moon and everything was in place I had met with the family's and chose for them to stay with Matthew and Laura they have been mated for 25 years now as have been trying for "pups" as they say ever since and it's never happened. They seemed like good people and Jared and Meg got on well with them and twins adored them and vice versa.

I felt like something was trying to crawl out of my skin, they said it would be soon after this so I ran to find my family. I found them all playing in one I the games rooms primarily for young children.

"Jared, Meg I just wanted to say I love you, you know that right. I just wanted to tell you that could I tell you it that often and I want you to look after the munchkins for me ok." I say gesturing towards the twins.

Meg smiles and nods her head obviously. But I can see Jared looking at me with a frown. I smile at him for ease his worries a little but I know it's not working.

I kneel down and pick up both the twins crushing them to me, savouring the feel of them in my arms. I kiss the tops of their heads and gently say them down into Jared and Megs arms.

"Your going to spend the night with Matt and Laura ok so go pack a bag for all of you ok." I say mainly to Jared so he stops looking at me suspiciously.

He nods his head and makes his way to the door.

"Their going to be here in 10 minutes ok." I shout to them.

I make my way downstair to see Matt and Laura just in the front door, I feel antsy and my skins is itching, I felt like I was burning up at well.

I smile at them and thank Matt and Laura for having them, they both smiled, I couldn't help but smile back and right then in that moment watching Matt bounce excitedly from on foot to the other, and seeing Laura nervously fiddling with her fingers and then her hair I knew I made the right choice.

I glance back towards the stairs seeing them making their way to the door.

"Ok guys ill see you soon ok, real soon."

I kiss them all on the top of their head, and proceeded to lead them an Matt and Laura to the car. I opened the door for the kids and they all piled in. I smiled as went to walk back to the front door but I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around to see Jared holding it.

"What's going on sis." he says worriedly.

"Nothing there's just something I've got to do." I smile disarmingly at him.

He wasn't falling for it though.

"Please tell me I'm worried."

"Kid I know you are but everything's going to be ok, I'm always here no matter what ok, I may not be able to always walk next to you but I will always be with you every step of the way."

I could feel a tear fall down my cheek and I could him tearing up.

"I can help what ever it is I can help."

I wrapped my arms around him.

"I want you to look after them ok."

"What if I can't do it what if I screw up."

"Hey, you have never disappointment me before an you aren't going to start now ok, if you have problems Matt and Laura will be here to help."

"What about you?"

"I told you I gots something to do. I'll see you soon. Ok no matter what you do or choices you make I will never be anything other then proud of you kid. Take care of them ok."

I give him a kiss on his forehead usher him into the car. I then shoot an wink and a smile towards my family and run to the front door. I then turn and wave and force a smile on my face even thought I feel like my hearts being ripped out chest watching the only family I have driving away from me.

I feel arms wrap around me from behind, I take in her smell and instantly relax knowing that it was Jess.

"Come on babe, it's getting close."

She then leads me to the back garden and down into woods to a clearing. We walk into the middle and see the pack fill the clearing around us.

It all happened so suddenly I could feel myself fall to the floor, I could hear Jess screaming my name and I saw her father grab her and drag her away from me.

I felt my legs break first it was slow and utterly painful, then the arms I didn't think I would stand it, I just wanted to pass out so I didn't have to feel it every bone in my body was breaking and it was prolonged to give the ultimate pain I felt myself lying in a heap unable to move, and just when I thought it was all over and I couldn't stand any more pain I felt them elongate and change and morph into what ever the hell they were suppose to be but all I felt was white hot pain.

Jess POV

I watched horrified while Mac was going trough her change it took hour for the bones to break and the whole time all I could hear was the crack and crunch of the bones and the ear splitting screams from Mac. I don't how she lasted this long with this amount of pain, tear were streaming down my face I was struggling in my fathers arms I just wanted to run and comfort her, but I knew it wouldn't work.

Then silence

Absolute silence

It ended as quick as it started.

I opened my eyes now realising I had closed them sometime during Macs change.

What I say horrified me.

Mac was lying there still human, I felt my father release my arms and I ran towards her. She was covered head to toe in blood it was all over the floor I glanced down to myself and saw splashed of her blood on my top and trousers glancing around I saw the same in the pack member closest to her and I took in there horrified expressions.

I watched her chested willing it to move, I checked her pulse but nothing. I didn't know what to do I wanted to help but I knew there was nothing I could do. I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come I was in a state of shock.

I felt my mom pull me away from Macs still body, my eyes glued on it unable to tear my gaze away.

"Come on sweetheart." I could her my mother broken voice softly croon to me.

"Bury the body." I hear my fathers voice command in the distance, I could feel me consciences slowly fade listening to my moms voice.

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