Destiny's P.O.V

Tomorrow is July 1st... My birthday. Bet I won't get a 'happy birthday' from mom dad or Luke. But Nicki and Jason are like my new mom and dad.

"Are you sure you don't want a part" Nicki asked as we sat at the table eating breakfast.

"Yes" I replied

"Whatever you say" she said. She the. Turned to Jason "Jason babe, I was thinking.. And I want to umm, umm, ..."

"Umm what?" Jason said.

"I want to add to the family" she finished.

"You mean like have a ... Kid?" Jason asked

"Well, yeah" she answered.

"Nicki I love you... I really do, but I don't think I'm ready to a child." Jason said.

"HWAT YOU MEAN YOUR NOT READY! Your fucking 30 and NOT ready to have a child" Nicki yelled and ran out of the kitchen.

(A/N let's just pretend that they both are 30... Cause in real life Jason is 24 and Nicki is 31... So in the story they are both 30)

Me and Jason just looked at each with confused faces as she ran out.

"Ummmm, do you know what that was a bout?" Jason asked.

"Probably hormones or something" I said.

"Ok" he said and we finished eating.

I sat in the living room and watched tv... Disney channel is the BEST! Yes I still watch it.

The doorbell rang. But Jason got it. I have no idea where Nicki went. Me and Jason tried calling her but she wouldn't answer.

She'll be back. Right?

"DESTINY! JUSTIN IS HERE" Jason yelled from the door. I got up and went to the door.

"Hey Justin" I said, Jason left me and Justin alone and went to watch tv.

"Hey destiny, I thought I'd take you out for your birthday" he said.

"My birthday is tomorrow tho"

"I know, I figured you were having a party tomorrow so I'd take you today" he said

"That's sweet but I'm not having a party" I said.

"Really! I would have thought you would have like the best sweet 16 cause Nicki is big about parties. Can't believe she agreed on not letting you have a party" he said. Now that I think about it I don't know why she it was fine. I mean she is usually like 'your having a party if you like it or not'

"Yeah well let's go" I said. We walked out to his car and got in.

First we went to a restaurant, then we went for ice cream and the park. My favorite part was the ice cream and park.

Usually girls like going out and eating, like we did but Justin knows I'm still a little kid.

"So did you get a happy birthday from your family yet?" Justin asked.


"That sucks"

"Justin... Like I said my birthday isn't till tomorrow" I said.

"I know, so,e people like to be the first person to say happy birthday to someone" he said.

"Yeah my dad use to say it everyday for a whole week before my birthday" I said. With that thought I smiled of the memory.

"Well I hope he says at least happy birthday to you'

"Yeah me too" I said. We sat down at a park bench and talked a while. When we got home we got in the house and I heard Nicki and Jason talking then someone else.

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