I don't fight the feeling that is bothering me at the pit of my stomach. It's a dark majestic pull that has me tied up in knots of dread. So instead, I just bite the bullet and watch on as Jasper Rowe a man of many talents hurries through the forest like a sex crazed honey glazed wagon wheel. I can't stop staring, all I can see is his hard grafted ass through his black jeans. Hell, I'm happy to watch on with steady comfort as I trip and fall against the rough bark. At least I've got my mind on something other than my family...

"Nola?" I quickly look up from his perfectly shaped ass to his dark eyes.

"Yeah..." I mumble on stray heels. I'm still struggling to pry up my raggedy dress with minimal effort, I laugh inside knowing I must look like complete crap. Of course I look like crap, who am I impressing.

He's slumped with one hand pressed against a tree showing the thick course of muscles down his front. "We're here. Keep that dress hitched up. You'll trip. Again."

I lodge down a dry laugh. I wasn't sure what that comment meant. "And where does here mean?"

I look around the sunken forest path hidining within the deep overcrowded moss clouded trees. I slowly begin to feel my toes sink down into the moist undergrowth and suddenly I want to run the other way when I hear the deep base of music nearby.

"Is that music I hear?" I want him to say no. But of course, it's going to be a yes.

Jasper stops to sigh. "Good guess. Ten marks for effort coming your way baby."

I groan, "Asshole."

He turns with a quick hand pressed against his heart. "That hurt Princess. Try not to stifle a wolf. I have a mad temper."

I pull my dress up to walk past him. "Typical."

A hand shoots to my wrist. I feel pain. But not the bad kind, a very good sensation of urgency racing up my arm. I watch his eyes too see if he can feel it too, but Jasper just side passes me with a loud grunt on his lips...

"Keep moving."

I stop. "You know what?"

"What?" He asks irritated.

"You are one of those guys. Rich. Arrogant. Superficial. Cranky kind of guys. I don't want that."

He runs a hand across his cheek. "And you think that I want you." I don't know why but that one hurts. "I get it, I really do. If you want to play the stereotypical card game on me. Let me have it at you. I think you're Self absorbed, Whiney, Spoilt little daddy's girl with small world problems. So believe me when I say that I am not happy with this so called agreement for our wolves."

My emotions and stomach roll into one as I listen on to those last few words. I feel hollow and empty.


"Stop. Just stop talking." He says slowly. "You can find some clothes inside. Clean up and I'll take you home in the morning." Jasper quickly leaves. Leaving me behind as I try to make way of the path that he has lead for me.

I follow on as I trample through the remaining jungle chaos. I wasn't waiting till morning. "Wait!" I fall down a small dirt hill and when I find myself tangled up at the bottom of it. I come face to face with a row of neatly lined cars beside me.

"Hurry up!" He calls.

I stand straight. Walking away, I catch glimpse of the lake house mansion that must belong to Jasper. Seeing the dark figures of people walking back and forth into the house. I try to stay balanced on my feet. I spot red plastic cup beside my foot, I kick it to the side to catch up with Jasper.

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