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Leader: Breezestar- Light gray tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Stormheart- Gray tom with amber eyes

Medicine cat: Fireleaf- Orange she-cat with amber eyes


Icedapple- Pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes

Sharptooth- Jet black tom whith sharp teeth and green eyes

Tigerstorm- Orange tabby tom with some black stripes

Half-foot- Brown she-cat with half of her left foot (Apprentince- Lionpaw)

Jetfur- Jet black tom with dark brown eyes (Apprentince- Cherrypaw)

Cottentail- Brown and white she-cat with a very fluffy tail (Apprentince Willowpaw)

Amberpelt- Amber she-cat with  amber eyes

Bumbleheart- Orange tom with green eyes


Willowpaw- Gray she-cat with unusual ice blue eyes

Lionpaw- Golden tom with a lot of fur

Cherrypaw- Tan she-cat with a red tail


Frostwisker- White she-cat whith green eyes (mother to Bluekit (she-cat) and Oakkit (tom) )

Leafheart- Dark brown she-cat with green eyes (mother to Mintkit (she-cat) )

Leaftail- brown she-cat (mother to Leafkit (she-cat) )

Icepelt- pure white she-cat  (mother to Skykit (she-cat) and Brightkit (she-cat) )


Dapplepelt: brown she-cat with brown eyes

Longtail- white and black tom with a longish tail

One-ear- tan tom with half of his right ear left

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