Katie's POV

Why are his eyes red?! What have they given him at that army base?! His muscles are bulging under his skin and have grown at least twice their original size, the fury and anger in those terrifying red eyes of his chilled me to the bone.

"Ah Harry, welcome back. How was Afghanistan?" Harrys chest heaved up and down as he stalked over to the man in the red suit, his muscles straining against his black T-shirt. "Get away from my wife."

His voice was satanic and dark, grabbing the man by the collar of his shirt and throwing him like a rag doll, "Are you alright baby? Did he hurt you at all?" I looked up at his still red eyes that had softened when he touched my clammy skin, "Th-the kids Harry, they h-haven't woken up." I stuttered and his attention was immediately caught by his children, his red eyes hardened once more and he glared in the Mans direction. Picking his limp body off the ground and slamming him into the wall.

I gasped, I've never seen Harry be so violent. "What did you do to my family?! You bastard, I'll kill you!" He rose his fist and prepared to slam it into Masters cheek, I can't let him continue this! He is so much better than that.

"Harry stop!" He froze mid-punch and turned in my direction, "What happened to you?"

His red eyes turned back to a soft green, "I've never seen you like this Harry. . ."

He took a deep breath and released it, closing his eyes before speaking, "Actually, you have."


"You have seen me like this, a long time ago. We have another daughter named Natalie, she's married and is pregnant with her first child. She's married to Theo Horan, the son of one of our friends-"

I stopped him there, "You're talking nonsense! I've only had one daughter and a son, there are no others. All I need to know is what you did that angered this man to the point of nearly killing your children and taking advantage of your wife!"

His eyes flashed with hurt, almost making me crumble; but I regained my composure and kept a hard look on my face.

"I didn't do anything to him!"

"Well obviously you did because he wouldn't have broken in and hurt us if you haven't!"

"My God, Kathryn I said I didn't do anything why can't you believe me?!"

"Just apologize! Please, I-I don't want him to hurt them again." My eyes fell from his face down to my thumbs, which were playing with my fingernails, and back to my unconscious children on the couch.

"Yes Harold, all you have to do is apologize for killing my brother and I will leave your pretty little doll here alone, along with the children. Just say you're sorry."

The Master smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, staring at my fuming husband and awaited an answer, "I have nothing to apologize for." He spat.

"Really now?" An arm draped over my shoulder and I felt chapped lips kissing up my neck, "Get off of my wife, unless you want another lump on that huge bald head of yours." A deep chuckle sounded from beside my ear and I felt his presence leave my side, the crimson suit was currently sitting beside my two children; stroking Natalies braided hair and placing a quick kiss on her forehead all while keeping eye contact with Harry and I.

"I was told to check up on this little one, a friend wanted to make sure she was doing well. A little cash was involved but hey, easy money am I right?" The Master chuckled darkly and twirled a piece of loose hair around his finger, tracing light circles on her cheek with a sick smirk on his face.

"What friend?" "Oh don't fret dear, you'll meet him soon enough."

Harry gently pushed me behind him and glared, "No, she won't. I won't let him touch her any more than he has in the past, I'd die before I'd let that happen again."

Another chuckle came from Masters throat and he moved swiftly behind Harry to play with my hair, "That can be arranged, Harold. Demons, gather." The other man and two women appeared in a flash.

I gasped and clutched onto Harry's shoulders, the blonde looked at me and a sarcastic smile appeared on her lips, "Well well, who have we got here? It's to see you again Kathy."

"I-It's Katie."

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Like I care."

"Katie, take the kids and hide. I'll take care of these guys." Harry whispered, "You think you can take all four of the most feared Demons in this universe all alone? Ha, I'd kill to see that." The other blonde cackled along with the other people that surrounded her.

"Oh don't worry, You won't have to do anything of the sort." Harry said with clenched teeth, red eyes returning to the blood red shade they were before, slamming the blonde into the wall.

"Because you will see it, without any death." He said before ripping into her neck with thorn sharp teeth.

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