Chapter 7

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Ciel hated every second of this. That bastard had won.

'In every possible way he has reduced me to a woman... First the name... that kiss where his tongue penetrated my mouth... and now he's even carrying me! That bastard!'

Actually Ciel had lost track of his thoughts and said "That bastard!" out loud.

Sebastian smirked and continued caressing his bride's bum until they reached the boat. "You realize you sound ignorant, right?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You called me a bastard, a fatherless boy, but you just heard my birth father speak only hours ago."

Ciel glared at him and looked at the floor huffing... "You're still scum."

"Much better darling. You see, we've only been married for 2 hours and I've already made you a better woman, my lord."

Ciel continued pouting to himself. 'That sarcastic remark 'My Lord' every time he says it, I hate him more! Just who the bloody hell does think he is. Well the future king, most likely. But he's sure as hell not King yet!'

Ciel continued to glare and scowl at Sebastian until they were in the boat. Even once they were inside the boat. The teen immediately started ripping the gown so he could move more freely.

"Well, young mistress, are you really in that big a hurry to bed me?"

"Don't flatter yourself."

Sebastian was mid smirk and about to respond when Ciel was pressed against the wall. The bluish haired boy's orb lifted until they met with the captain of the ship, Aleister. He was so close that his light blonde locks were brushing against the model's cheeks. A strand almost got into his eye.

The captain had spoken barely two seconds and Ciel had quite aptly deemed him the most melodramatic man on the planet.

"Ah. Such a fair and beautiful robin! Look at your darling porcelain skin and how your gentle eyes light the room. I expect no less from this fine country's future queen. Though what is this? That scowl is ruining your perfect face. A delicate beauty such as yourself should only ever be made to smile."

He kissed Ciel's hand, which made the model shudder and turn his face away to gag. He couldn't believe this at all, but he had to stay ladylike. He assumed he'd be banished if he was exposed as a man. The teen had made it this far, he couldn't just throw it all away this far. It would be like unplugging the game two levels before facing the final boss.

But still... Another sick pervert! He couldn't stand this life.

Sebastian didn't care at all. He didn't feel even the slightest hint of jealousy. Why would he? As long as the blonde didn't taint his Angel's perfect face he'd be satisfied. He just watched, and it was certainly amusing. Why wasn't the boy fighting back, he wouldn't shut up earlier.

Finally he decided to interrupt the captain of his ship's rant. "I assure you Aleister there's nothing at all delicate about my queen."

Ciel yanked his hand away and sighed. And then, Aleister began giving Ciel a detailed tour of the yacht. Of course his hand naturally gravitated to the boy's waist.

"Oh now fair robin this is the captain's deck. When we depart you come here if you need anything at all... even just a little relief." Ciel shuddered and tried to hide nervousness and disgust from his face. This pervert was really coming on to him hard... the hand was bad enough but he just felt the man's breath on his cheek... Damn!

Imagine though, actually preferring Sebastian. The tour finally concluded as they reached the final room. "And here we are the master bedroom. I had it especially accommodated for this night."

He smiled and looked at Ciel who just ran into the room. Sebastian smirked and tipped Aleister before following Ciel inside the room.


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