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  I awake to a burning sensation and stand up my heart pounding when I look in the mirror I know have white hair with black stripes I have curves I never had and at least shrunk an inch leaving me 5'7".  I pull up my shirt and I have a wolf and a leopard on my hips as tattoos. It looks as though they're sleeping. I'm pulled from my trance by a door banging open. "Why didn't you tell me Cassie? Why did you let him beat you if you knew you we're both?" Alpha Ryan yells at me. "I didn't know what I was I only knew I was an omega because my wolf was weak." His eyes turn black in fury and push me against the wall looking down at me I cower in fear. He pulls away smirking "I Alpha Ryan reject you Cassandra Dreamer as mate and Luna of my pack." I feel a large weight in my chest drop and I collapse he gets down on his knees putting his finger under my chin and lifting it up. I push him away as I feel my heart break even more."Shift into your leopard you whore." I cringe at the word because he used to call me princess. I focus on my leopard and shift I feel my senses heighten and I start feeling like I belong in my body unlike my wolf. I look in the mirror and see I am a white leopard with black spots I have bright yellow eyes with flakes of brown in them. I hear a new voice in my head my name is Jupiter and I am your leopard

What do you mean I'm not supposed to be this way.

Yes Cassandra you are you are a hybrid of were cat and werewolf your mother was a werewolf and your father was a werecat. Werecats don't get to shift till they find your mate and they mark you.

Wait what happens if they reject you after they mark you.

Your mark disappears and they have a choice to mark you again or reject you I'm sorry Cass that he's rejected you, you are special and soon you will come to realize that but for now you have to leave. And with that said she was gone. Alpha Ryan stares in the mirror behind me with a wicked grin. "Now you see what you are  you are a mutt and I want you gone in a minute then I will send my warriors to scout the territory and if your on it you will be captured and I will let them have there way with you" he says maliciously. "Go" I take off in a sprint out of the house feeling faster and quicker. I climb a tree and start jumping from tree to tree escaping danger adrenaline blocking out my broken heart.

A howl echos through the forest and I feel a since of freedom and betrayal as I cross the border but not betrayal by me but of my former mate.

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