song 173.) 

Sung by: IA

Remote paranoia: 

Everyone is incompetent
and everything is useless.

What are "connections"?
What is "affection"?
And "not hurting"?

Ah, smiling in public, 
That's my boundary line.

Absolute refusal,
a thick border that won't disappear.

Chronic, abnormal 

Don't come in,
Don't violate me

I don't need anything like kindness.

The conceited paranoia of one with no family,
A human phobia harmless to people and animals.

Don't touch me,
Saying you won't change.

Facing downwards crawling and crying

No, i don't want this
No more

I look up at the inversed world.
A bundled up past
Now making
only the destructive noises and discord resonate.

What is "warmth"?
What is "kindness"?
A distrust
Born from fear

I imagine and become despicable.
I delude myself and become unpleasant.

I secluded myself
and became wounded.

I'll tear all that away once i return to life.
Paranoia going back and forth,

A human phobia of delusional hypertrophy

Running from place to place,
running form place to place.

Please try to touch me more gently.

No, I don't want this 
No more

I look down on this world of mistakes

If this conspiracy
I've gotten used to doesn't change,

Then it would be better if nobody else was here.

Since birth,
My heart has been
404 Not found

Loving, Cutting, Affixing, Envying.

"Even tiresome things are wonderful"

"I know."
"I know."

Now its discommunication.

"All i want to do is something crazy."

Running away only from delusions,
I get entangled,
I get entangled,

Facing above, standing up and laughing
The truth is that
I wan't only you,

A cable that connects our hearts.

Circulating voices spin a chord,
Since i knew i wasn't alone.

What are "connections"?
What is "affection"?

Right now, i feel that
I've come to not understand anything at all.

I'll jump out from there,
I'll run away from here.

After all i'm not that bad,
I am not bad,
I am not bad, 
I am not bad,
I am not bad,

Because i should be able to change

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