Harry: BiyXGirlXGirl for Sarah and Fatima (Part doce)

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Sarah's P.O.V

We Finally reached the hotel and we were all horny, no doubt about it. We checked in to the hotel and walked up to our room, as soon as Harry shut the door, he lunged for me, flinging me on the bed as fatima watched.

"I'll wait!" She said chuckling a bit before going to take a shower.

Me and Harry both looked at each other. He slowly leaned in as out lips connected, moving together, he began to take my clothes off as i did the same, his hands moved lower and lower down my body until he reached 

my panties, He ripped them off with one motion. i shivered at the contact beween us.  He then takes off my bra with the other. me now naked he moves his lips to my neck sucking and nibbling, i moan his name as 

my hands get tangled in his hair, Harry moans my name in to my neck, making me moan again. I take off his boxers and his bulge was HUGE!. He groans my name. going down to my collar bone, kissing all the way up 

and down. He lays on top of me, stopping me from going anywhere, with an evil smirk on his face, He goes in me without warning as i scream.

"HARRY!" I scream, taking the bed sheets in my hands as he rides me, it becomes less painful and more pleasurable. All of a sudden another weight is added, i look over and Fatima is fully naked and laying on top of 

Harry, grinding against him, he throws his head back in pleasure. Me and fatima smirk as we nod at eachother, I wiggle out of Harrys grip and slowly pull out of his Dick, HArry is now on the bed, His moans muffled in 

his mouth.

Fatima's P.O.V

i get out of the shower, smirking as i head Harry and Srah moan together. Me and Sarah had already planned what we're going to do to him, give him a time he'll never forget. I walk out naked and my hair still wet.

 i let the towel drop and slowly walk up to Harry, starting on his legs, i slowly go up him , kissing every inch of his body. i get to his neck and start nibbling at it, i Start grinding on him as he moans. Now that ive got 

sarah's attention and Harry occupied. Now its time to put the plan in action. While im pleasurign Harry, Sarah shimmies out of his grip. We stop and flip him over.

"W-what are y-" Harry begins but i cut him off. "SSHHHH, Just let us do the work babe" I say seducivly. He nods as he lays back down. 

Sarah taking his dick in her mouth as she sucks the tip, making him curse, grabbing her hair and making her deep-throat Harry, Sarah started giving him a blow-job and Harry was moaning like crazy. I decided to 

Record it. So i did just that. I got my phone and started recording, they both were at it for atleast 7 mins, but i edited it for a minuete. Unitl harry cum in Sarah's mouth, she swallowed it whole, as Sarah pulled 

out, i took her place, giving her the recorder, i did the exact same as Sarah. When we finished. we decided to post it to the boys.

~Hey boys, wanna join in, hotel -----, room 12, floor 3. ;). ~video~~ 

i got an instant reply back with. "Yeah", "hell yeah" and "Yeah im gonna rock you". i smiled.

"Hey, you guys" Harry and sarah looked at me. "Wanna have a 7some?" I questioned with a smirk, it would be cool too.

"Sure" they both said. 

And that was the start of every saturday night.......

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