Chapter 10

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I started walking to Cameron's house when I heard barking. I stopped because it sounded like a big dog. I looked around and didn't see anything so I kept walking. I heard the bark again but it sounded closer. I turned around and this huge dog was chasing me! I booked it. Cameron wasn't outside and I couldn't just go stop in his yard and expect the dog to leave me alone. I couldn't run back home without running towards the
Dog. The dog started catching up! I was running past his house by this point, and finally I heard his door open and Cameron came walking out. He looked over and saw me running with that huge dog behind me. He grabbed a tennis ball and ran after the dog. Soon as he got the dogs attention he threw the ball and of course the dog chased after it. He ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I pulled away and grabbed his hand and pulled him and started running towards the park.

"Don't want that dog to chase me again" I said breathing like I just ran a marathon.

"The only one that would get hurt is that dog" he said laughing

By this point we could see the park. No one was there he looked at me and smiled. I hope he's not getting any ideas..

Cameron's POV

We were almost to the park and noticed no one was there. Maybe this would be a good time to ask her out.. Maybe she doesn't want to get into another relationship after what happened with Hayes.. Or what if she doesn't like me that way... We finally got to the park and we went over to a shady spot under a tree. We sat down and started pulling and messing with the grass..

"Um Lexie.. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes?" She said staring at me with her big brown eyes..

"Well would you get into a relationship with someone anytime soon?"

"Well it depends who this someone is.." She said looking up at me

"What if that someone was.... me?" I said under my breath

"Ya I mean it wouldn't be like mine and Hayes's.. Me and Hayes have been best friends ever since we were really little so it was kinda hard.."

"So will you go out with me?" I said quietly

She looked at me and smiled. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Yes" she replied hugging me

"Do you want to go back to my house and watch a movie?"

"Ya let's go" she said getting up off the grass

We started walking home in silence. We were just about to my house when she ran up and jumped on my back. I carried her back to my house and up to my room. We both laid on my bed and had pillows all against my wall that we were leaning on. I pulled out my laptop and got on Netflix. We started watching Frozen. Movies always make me really tired. I laid my head on her shoulder and before I knew it I was asleep.

Lexie's POV

He fell asleep on my shoulder during the movie. He was kinda snoring.. He also had his arms around me. I pulled out my phone and had a text from my mom.

Mom☀️: Hey traffic is really bad I won't be home till late. I also was thinking about going camping when I get back and take the Griers and you can each bring a friend. I am planning on leaving tomorrow morning.

To Mom: ok sounds great I will let everyone know and start packing.

I will take Cameron, Hayes is probably gonna end up taking Salara anyway.. Cameron was drooling down my arm. I wiped it off and shook him to wake him up so we could pack.

"Hey Cam my mom is gonna take all of us camping if you want to go. We are gonna leave tomorrow morning"

"Yeah I would love to come." He said getting up to start packing


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