Get Up and Dress Up

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"Raven get up." My dad shouted as I mumbled some gibberish and walked to the kitchen to take my meds.

"Make sure you take the dropper too"

"Whatever" I said sassily

I walk back to my room to pick out my outfit for the first day of school.A tank top that says free spirit on it, some jeans, high-top converse and some earrings.I Put my colorful hair in a braid. Then I go back to the kichen to get an apple and some water before I skateboard to school. I manage to not run into any body while I was skating (I don't mean bumping into them I mean like seeing them)Were not supposed to have skateboards so I shove it in my bag and walk in the school.

"Hey I guess the psychotic bird didn't move" I hear someone say and I walk away but someone stops me

"What do you think your doing you stupid slut"

"Um...I'm walking what does it look like"

"Don't talk to me like that" The boy says threw clenched teeth as he pins me against the wall

"S-s-sor-ry" I whimper in fear

"I don't give a shit" He says as he starts beating me up

"That better teach you a lesson" He threatens with a smirk and walks to his class

I run to the bathroom and lock my self in a stall for at least 30 minutes and cry.Then I decide to go to class.

"Raven your late again" Mr.Haines says basically shouting again.I take my seat by Joey.

"Hey stupid"

"What do you want"


"Than why are you talking to me"

"Cause I can,I can do whatever I want"

He's right,he can pretty much do anything without him getting in trouble. Its been like this since last year.

OHHHHH CLIFFORD HANGER! Here is the link to the outfit I was wearing to school

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