Chapter 23

Song Themes For This Chapter: Frustration – La Toya Jackson; Hot N Cold – Katy Perry


I walked by Louis’ side, staring down at my hands as I played with them nervously.  Louis seemed fine all of a sudden but he didn’t exactly explain his actions just a few moments ago, leaving me to worry about what else he was going to do.  Louis was generally unpredictable and although that was one of the things I admired about him, what happened back there was… off.  Louis knows I’m not ready for sex and to just jump at me like that, it scared me.

“Where’s Liam’s car?”  I quietly ask as I look up and scan around in search of the car.

He softly chuckles as he continues walking with me following closely beside him.  “Don’t have it tonight.”

I blink.  “Oh… are we walking to… wherever?”

“Nah.”  He answers simply.

I decide to just let it go and continue following him, I’ll find out eventually what vehicle we’re using.  Maybe Liam needed his car tonight so one of the other boys let Louis take theirs.

I come to a halt at the sight of a black motorcycle parked by the sidewalk.  “No.”  I immediately blurt out.

Louis keeps walking towards the motorcycle, turning to look over his shoulder as he grins at me.  He takes off the kickstand and climbs onto the seat.  I jump as the motorcycle makes a loud VROOM sound.

“Well?  Hop on!”  Louis beckons.

“No way!”  I spat, holding my arms as I shifted my weight from side to side.

He rolls his eyes and purses his lips.  “Come on, what are you so afraid of?”

“Oh, I don’t know, dying.”  I remark.

“What, you don’t trust me?”  He smirks playfully.

“It’s not that.  I just, I’m scared… motorcycles don’t exactly seem secure, especially with me sitting behind you?!  What if I fall off?!”

He lightly chuckles.  Why does he always laugh when I need him to be serious?

“You’re safe with me, Rose.”  Oh, I love how my name sounds coming from his lips.  “I promise.”

“I’d rather walk.”  I stubbornly retort.

His jaw clenches as he gives me a pointed look.  “Fine.”

The motorcycle makes that vroom vroom sound again and suddenly it comes charging towards me.

“LOUIS!”  I scream in horror and instinctively throw my hands out in front of me, thinking that’s going to actually stop the motorcycle from hitting me.

Louis thankfully halts just an inch away from me, a wide grin is plastered on his face.

 I stare at him with wide eyes.  “Are you trying to scare me to death or are you literally trying to kill me?!”

“Hmm, well you see, if you were sitting behind me on my motorcycle right now, your sexy, yet fragile little body wouldn’t be at risk of being hit by my motorcycle.”

I give him a hard glare.  I wanted to slap him.

His grin widens.  “You don’t have a comeback to throw at me?  Is that because you know I’m right?”

“Shut up.”  I bite back.  I march over to him and struggle a bit to climb onto the motorcycle.

Louis looks over his shoulder to make sure I’ve gotten on okay and holds out a sharp-looking, black helmet to me.  I frown but I still take it from him.

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