Chapter 14

"I....choose..." Sophie began leaving Amanda in suspense...but before Sophie could finish her sentence,an Earthquake stroke. Then all of a sudden,they spot a younger Sophie and Ethan in Sophie's old room at her parents' house.

"Where are we?" Amanda asked looking around the room.

"I think we're in the past. That's me and Ethan when we were five years old." Sophie explained. Sophie and Amanda were watching the young Sophie and Ethan when young Sophie started acting all hyper and began bouncing up and down.

"Aw,you looked so cute." Amanda complimented in awe.

"Duh." Sophie sounded crossing her arms.

"Look who's talking skull and crossbones." Amanda insulted while Sophie just responded with the roll of her eyes.

They saw young Sophie and Ethan hugging.

"Do you think this is a sign telling me to pick Ethan?" Sophie asks.

"....Yep,I think so." Amanda answered.

"Best friends forever!" Young Ethan cheered.

"Yeah!" Young Sophie cheered along.

Sophie rubbed her hand through her bangs and down the back to move the hair out her face. Then she stormed out the door with Amanda following and finding themselves back in the present day. Sophie took her phone out her denim shorts pocket and sent a text to Ethan that read,



As soon as she sent that text,she turned her phone off and placed it back in the back pocket of her denim shorts. Sophie took a deep breath and ran up the stairs and in her room.


Ethan invited himself inside Sophie's house trying to softly close the door to not disturb Sophie and quickly ran up the stairs. When he walked into her room with now black painted walls and black curtains. When he noticed Sophie lying down in bed on her laptop wearing her whole black attire,he ran and threw himself on the bed with her.

"Hey,Sophe." Ethan greeted trying to get her attention.

"Hey." Sophie repeated with her eyes still glued to her laptop as she watches the music video she made when she was living with Sam and Cat and she was recording it all around the inside and outside the house walking around.

"You looked cute then...but cuter now." Ethan commented. Sophie made a small laugh when she looks at Ethan looking into her eyes. He leaned in for a kiss.

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