Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten-

All the werewolves including Rosie looked at me as if I were insane. I was grateful to have Marcus by my side, it was comforting after all he did risk his life for me. I wanted to explain how he's different but my nervousness betrayed me and when I tried to speak I stuttered. Marcus looked sad when I couldn't defend him. Now he's seen the real me, he won't be interested. Eventually I managed to pull all my courage together, Marcus grabbed hold of my hand while I began speaking.

"He's risked his life for me, he doesn't want to be a monster"

"Once a demon, always a monster"

"That's not true! I'm a vampire, I don't want to be a monster, I'm doing everything I can to prove I'm not a monster"

"It's different, you feel emotions, he doesn't"

"It's funny how he wants to a human though, so if you're going to kill him, you'll have to kill me first"

"We can't"

"Well then, Rosie and Alder take me to Blaze"

We walked away from the angry pack but with someone else there too. Someone who kept flirting with Rosie the entire walk to Blaze's apartment. She seemed to be enjoying the attention after all, when we were human no one paid that much attention to her, I got all the attention from the boys. I was happy for her, deep down I could see the love she had for the boy and the funny thing was she didn't care to explain to me who he was. I was so wrapped up in my own head that I didn't notice Marcus fingers brushing against my own. He was staring me, his eyes fill of awe. I smiled at him. 

"Thanks for before"

"What'd you mean before Marcus?"

"For sticking up for me like that"

"You risked your life for me, it's the least I could do"

We neared Blaze's apartment, the lights were still on, and that's when I remembered, Blaze wouldn't be home since he would be with Raphael, but it was worth checking incase. I gently knocked on the door and there was Blaze, with soaking wet hair and just a towel wrapped around his privates. He looked slightly embarrassed but not until he saw Alder checking him out.

"I got it"

"That was quick"

"Quick question, why aren't you with Raphael?"

"I needed a bath and he wanted me to go"

"You should've stayed, I don't care if you needed a bath, he could be in danger right now"

"What'd you mean?"

"You see him, he's Lucifer's son, he helped me steal the book, clearly they would've noticed the book has gone and they'd know that the angel would want it"

"Oh crap, right give me 5 minutes to get ready, you guys go on ahead"

Blaze basically slammed the door shut in our faces, so we decided now was the time to start heading towards the fair ground. I jogged at a slow pace so people didn't notice my abnormality, as so did the others. Marcus was right behind me as were Wylan and Rose but Alder seemed to slow down, looks like he was waiting for Blaze. The fair ground was deserted, but nothing could block out the painful cries that were coming from Raphael, I was scared we were too late. I ran quickly, passing the book to Rose. I ignored there shouts of wait and dashed won the corridor to see the most terrible sight. He was crying, blood was pouring from his chest and his hands were wrapped weakly trying to stop the bleeding. The most pain full thing was I couldn't do anything, not now. He looked pale, more pale than me. He looked how someone looked before they were going to die ad I couldn't watch this happen. When I wiped my face, I noticed the moisture coming out of my eyes. I wasn't capable of crying, I wasn't human. But I was crying, ad I was sobbing so loud. My legs had gave way and I collapsed to the ground near Raphael.

"Don't cry for me Victoria"

"You're dying and there's nothing I can do"

"Blaze is here, I'm safe"

Ad of course he was right because Blaze came running dow the corridor chanting some horrible spell, I looked down to were the runes were and they had gone. I looked around surprised. Raphael was free, but he was still dying. Before I could control myself I started screaming.


Blaze didn't even argue, I probably looked fierce, or broken and I sat there helplessly while Rafael's voice was growing fainter. Blaze had brought an antidote in case something like this happened and I glad he did. Marcus sat beside me on the floor and pressed my head to his chest. I couldn't stop crying, I had wanted to do this for so log. I was crying because I was a vampire, because I died, my mum made up my whole life, my dad being a monster, falling in love with Blaze, Blaze falling in love with Alder, Rose turning into a werewolf, Raphael being tortured, Marcus wanting to be human, falling in love with Marcus and Raphael. The best thing was that I could keep these thoughts to myself and that's the only thing keeping me sane. I wanted to reach out to Marcus press his lips to my own and forget everything but also at the same time I wanted to wrap my arms around Raphael while we talk. The bad thing about this was, I didn't know who I wanted more.Throughout out my sobs and cries I could hear Raphael's heart beating quicker. He was safe, we all were. For now. We all sat on the dusty floor in complete silence until we saw a bright light.

"Raphael, we've being searching for you for so long"

"Gavreel, Lucifer's servants are planning something"

"Really? what fine company you have here, a warlock, a vampire, werewolves and a demon"

"They were trying to save me, please leave a message to heaven for me, they're in danger, that war we dream about is happening soon, can't you feel it brother"

"Yes, why can't you leave a message"

"I plan to stay on Earth, I can be your watch keeper"

"Very well, be safe and good luck to all of you"


The book. Our powerful book, the oldest book in our existence was gone. That was impossible. How and why did this happen? I guess my mind knew the answer straight away, it was Victoria. She clearly hasn't changed her mind, she obviously wants to be good. I felt a twinge of regret and anger, I shouldn't of gave my daughter that life, I didn't know her, I should be the one to fulfill what I want. But she's my daughter surely she would want the same as me. I didn't know how I'd break the news to Lucifer but I knew I would be straight into the torture chamber. In the end I knew he would find out eventually and find out that Marcus and Victoria were gone so I would have to be the one to tell him. I pulled up all my courage and walked to Lucifer's chamber. He wasn't surprised to see me, or was he surprised that the book was gone.

"I knew she seeked the book"

"And you didn't tell me this because"

"Because you would try to stop her, silly man she gave the book to a warlock"


"I happen to know the warlocks mum, she's a demon, one of which Blaze would have to give the book to so you see we will get the book back"

"You do know why she wanted the book?"

"To save Raphael, to prove she is good, but she can't fight it for any longer give her time"

"What about Marcus?"

"Ah, well he chose to leave me so I chose to leave him therefore his is no longer my so and I am no longer his father"

"Very well, so what do we do now, wait for Victoria to go on a killing spree?"

"No, she will turn evil, she saved the angel but for how long it takes for her to give up that's how long the angel will have to live, so we wait"

"Should I, I keep an eye on her?"

"No, she will sense you and she will continue fighting"

I couldn't stand by though and let her get away with things, because of my stupid daughter I would have to wait longer to get what I want. She will pay for that. I agreed to not following her but I didn't agree to sending someone else to follow her, and that person who I chose was Blaze's mother. 

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