Chapter 9

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Shane's P.O.V. 

The bell rang making me and Karma stand up. I grabbed my Jack Skullington bag and threw it over my shoulder while Karma grabbed her backpack. I took one last look at that really cute teacher. He was talking with one of the other girls in the class when he looked over at me and gave me a shy smile. I just turned away a little shy. I didnt know what to do. He was gorgous for a teacher. He had an amzing smile, a lip piercing and gorgeous blue eyes which was my worst weakness when it came to guys. 

"Hey we're still on for after school , right?" Karma asked yanking me back to reality.

"Oh course. Are we gonna meet up with Roxy and Naomi?" I asked throwing my hair over my shoulder.


"Okay well I have to go to the locker room to get something."  I said

"Cool I have to go see Vic before  I leave." Karma said

"You have to?" I asked raising my eyebrows at her. "Ew, not in that way you creep. I just wanna say bye before I leave." Karma said. "I'll meet you in the quad and then we'll find Roxy and Naomi." Then with that she was off to go see her little friend in the office. 

 I walked over to the gym and entered on the girls side. I was surprised I was even let back into this place considering what happened yesterday. I had to thank Vic for me not going to juvey or getting kicked out of the school. Mom would have flipped out on me if I had gotten expelled right on the first day of school. Vic didnt have me go through any conferences or therapy for it. All he did was give me a lecture which I could barely remember. 

I found my locker and grabbed some extra stuff which included my stash and my jacket from this morning. It was freezing outside this morning but then it quickly got hot by the end of the day but the weather here was pretty insane. It would just change randomly. It could rain one minute and be tanning weather the next. Once I had everything I shut the locker and walked to the mirrors to fix my hair. It was so dead and it was so long that it was a bother so I just ended up throwing my hair in a lose bun. Then I left the locker room and walked into the gym to go out to the quad. I opened the door right when someone was coming inside. The door collided with someones face making me scream.

Did I hit someone?! 

I scooted out to see who it was and looked down to see a guy on the ground. "Oh god, I am so sorry." I covered my mouth and tried to help him up. I felt so bad! All I wanted to do was apologize because I felt so bad. "Here lemme help you up." I offered as he grabbed on to my hand. I tried to pull him up but he was heavy and I wasnt all that strong. Then I sort of fell on top of him making me laugh. "I am so sorry. Im a cluts." I said feeling even more terrible. 

"Its okay." he said lifting a little guilt off my shoulder. I looked down to see a good looking guy. He was skinny and in a black sweater that had the words 'Drop Dead' on the chest in large white letters. He had amazing facial features that lined up perfectly. He had long brown hair that waved out at the tips. Then I noticed he had tattoos along his neck. I laughed getting tongue tied and shut up. "Uhh can we get up now?" He asked making me freak out noticing that I was still laying on top of him.

"'Course Im sorry." I laughed getting up from his body. I held my hand out and helped him up while he pushed himself up from the ground. 

He smiled at me before I shook my head. "Sorry but I have to get going I have to meet some of my friends for lunch." I moved out of his way. I remembered that he wanted to go inside the gym and I was in his way. 

"Oh okay I guess I'll see you around later than." he said smiling at me.

"Sure" I smiled shyly before walking off. 

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