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On a summers day Jake, Sam, Tia and Jordan were walking along the beach talking and laughing. Jake and Sam knew something that the other two didn't they had to save the world seven days a week six hundred and sixty five days a year and no one know except the government and the T.S.A (Top Secret Agency) Sam has a thing for Jake with his dreamy blue eyes, silky brown hair, hard six pack and his soft sweet personality 'cause who wouldn't. Jake is on of the popular boys in there year so is Jordan; Jordan has dark brown eyes, blond hair, strong arms and sweet smile. Jake and Jordan have been friends since primary they went everywhere together they meet Sam and Tia when they moved to the same school as the boys in year 2; Sam and Tia are like sisters 'cause Tia's parents died when she was five and Sam's mum was Tia's godmother so they live with each other, tells one another secrets, goes shopping and of corse sometimes fights. Tia knows that Sam likes Jake and Jordan knows that Jake likes Sam, tia and Jordan have known that for at least 6 years they've been friends for like ever and they spend every day together.

the next day Sam and Jake went to HQ and there adviser said that they needed 2 new recruits and they knew the best people for the job  


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