Cassie Stevens - Vanessa Hudgens

Jake Bomer - Sean Faris

Liam O'Conner - Nolan Gerrard Funk

Emily Styles - Cara Delevingne

Tyler Daniels - Liam Hemsworth

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The Bad Boy That Fell is your typical cliché Bad Boy - Good Girl story. Except, the good girl is kind of a bitch.

Basically, the Good Bitch Girl, Cassandra L. Stevens hates the Popular Bad Boy, Jake H. Bomer. She's annoyed by the entire female University population drooling all over him (including her drop dead blonde, lesbian she-bestie, Emily) and the entire male University population wanting to be him (including her devilishly hot- I mean sweet platonic he-bestie, Tyler).

When Mr. Popular Bad Boy shows sudden interest in Bitch Girl, she gets.. well, Bitchy.

Lesbian Blonde Bestie drools about it and has a light bulb moment. Bitch Girl decides to go forth with Lesbian Bestie's 'John Tucker Must Die' type plan.

And then, ladies and gentlemen, but mostly ladies because it's not every day you find a guy on here, anyway, PLOT TWIST?!

Legitimate questions:

1. Does Bitch Girl fall for Mr. Popular?

2. Does Bitch Girl become another take (what I want) and break (your heart) to Mr. Popular?

3. Does Mr. Popular fall for Bitch Girl? (Obviously, it's the name of the book? TBBTF??)

Plot Twist and Unnecessary Questions:

1. Does the Lesbian Bestie like Bitch Girl?

2. Does apparent, Platonic Bestie like Bitch Girl? (and vice versa)3. Does Lesbian Bestie turn out to be not Lesbian?

3a. - and then fall for Platonic Bestie?

3a.1 - and then break up Platonic Bestie and Bitch Girl? (if Bitch Girl falls for Platonic Bestie?)

3b. - and then fall for Mr. Popular?

3b.1 - and then break up Mr. Popular and Bitch Girl? (if Bitch Girl falls for Mr. Popular?)

4. Or does some random Other Guy come along and falls for Bitch Girl? (and vice versa)

4a. and does Other Guy fall for Lesbian Bestie?

4b.1 and Lesbian Bestie falls for Other Guy? (if she's not Lesbian?)

4c - Or does Other Guy happen to be gay and fall for Platonic Bestie or Mr. Popular?? WHAT??!!

Too Long? Too Much?

Well, there's only one way to find those answers?


Hope you guys enjoy! xx

Batman, Oh, I mean, Tasneem. :)

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