Travelling Back In Time

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When we landed I managed to not spew although I did have to lean against a wall to keep my balance.

I looked around the dark gloomy shack. It was quite small and what looked like cream wallpaper on the walls had faded and was peeling. In the middle of the room hung a small dim lightbulb that would occasionally flicker. In the room was a mouldy maroon couch, opposite it sat an old smashed T.V and in the very corner of the room sat a small stool with three legs instead of four. In the opposite wall was what looked like a magnificent fireplace now looked very run down.

Neville walked over to the fire place and started looking in his robes for something.

'We're going to floo!' I said to myself. 'Of course, because no one can apparate into Hogwarts grounds.'

I walked over the creaky floor boards to where Neville was standing, he handing me a pile of what looked like draining substance.

'So what you've got to do is-' Neville started explaining before I cut him off.

'I know, I know what to do.' I assured him trying to not sound rude. 'I have only read the books a thousand times.' I explained laughing at myself.

Neville did not laugh, in fact he looked at me strangely.

'Well in that case say in a very clear voice McGonagall's Office.' Neville said taking a step back from the fire place causing the floor to creak again.

I walked into the dusty fireplace holding the grainy substance in my hand tightly.

'Professor McGonagalls office, Hogwarts!' I said in a clear, loud voice before throwing the grainy substance at my feet.

I saw large green flames erupt around me for a few seconds before they died down and I found myself staring into a huge office area.

'Wow,' I muttered under my breath as I stepped out of the fireplace.

The office was very neat and all in order. I did 360 spin on my feet gazing at the office.

'Brooke, you made it.' McGonagall said as she put down her quill and walked over to me. I didn't even notice she was here.

A few moments later Neville appeared in the magnificent fireplace. He walked out while brushing the dust off his robes before making his way over to where we were.

'Are you ready to go Brooke?' McGonagall asked me as she placed one of her hands on my shoulder in a comforting gesture.

I nodded stiffly, I could feel the nerves now. If I make one wrong move then the whole wizarding world could die.

'Here,' McGonagall said placing a thin silver chain around my neck and at the end was a -

'Time turner,' I said amazed gazing at it around my neck. 'Wait, time tuners can only go back a couple of hours, days tops.' I exclaimed confused.

'I'm impressed Brooke. But this one is different. It takes you back in time for longer periods of time. 1 or 2 years minimum. Hermione created it herself unsurprisingly.' McGonagall explained.

'Now spin it exactly 7 times and it should take you back to the start of third year. You will have 15 minutes before the other students arrive. When you are successfully back in time hand this to Albus- I mean Professor Dumbledore. It'll explain everything to him.' McGonnagal carried on as she handed me a white letter addressed to Dumbledore.

'Good luck Brooke, we're depending on you.' She said as she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

The room went silent for a few long seconds.

'Right. Let's get this show on the road.' Neville exclaimed.

I nodded stiffly as McGonagall took a step backwards.

With shaky hands I spun the time turner 7 times.

A few seconds later the whole world around me went fuzzy as I went back in time.

It was too fast for me to see their individual movements.

After what seemed like hours the movement stopped and I was in a messier version of McGonagalls office.

I placed a hand to my head in an attempt to stop the dizziness.

Did it work?

Maybe I hadn't gone back far enough.

What if I went back too far.

What if I messed everything up?

I was interrupted from my thoughts by a low cough.

I quickly whipped my head in the direction if the noise to see an old man sitting at professor McGonagalls desk.


I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips.

'And who are you?' Dumbledore asked suspiciously.

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