First day school

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'After a good holiday they al come back in the studio '

Violetta : 'Cami, Fran' !

Francisca & Camilla : violetta!

Violetta : how was you're holiday?

Francisca & Camilla : really fun!!

Camilla : and you're Holliday?

Violetta : really cool, I where to Rome. How is it with yours boyfriends?

Francisca : I haven't a boyfriend & Camilla has a fight with broadway it's very complicate.

Violetta : right.. but I gonna search for Leon I need to speak to him.

Camilla: don't forget, tonight is that party from u-mix!

Violetta : I know I don't forget that!

' violetta search for Leon but a boy begins talk to her! '

??: hey pretty girl, what are you looking for ?

Violetta: 1. I search me boyfriend. 2. Don't touch me. 3. And who are you think you are to talking to me.

??: 1. I don't care if you have a boyfriend. 2. I don't have a 2 but I really like you. And hi I am Diego

Violetta: right Diego, leave me alone because..

Leon: because you now she has a boy friend and don't break us! Come violetta we go!

Diego: I'm her dream prince you can't keep me away from her.

Violetta: yes he can and I can do that two! Leave me alone!

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