I decided to get up at six thirty-six after staring at the white wall. Getting up I grabbed a towel and headed to the shower. Maybe I could rid my thoughts while in there. Concentrate on some lyrics. Turning on the hot water I stepped in and let it pour over me. The heat tingled my skin and the room began to fill up with steam. I probably should have hung some clothes up that way I wouldn't have had to iron. 

I dont know how long I stood their for but it was probably long enough to have money added to the bill of our hotel room. After I had turned to a prune like human I decided that I should probably get out of the shower. Turning it off I grabbed my towel of the side and head back through to the room. Pulling on some clothes I looked at the clock seven fifty-eight. Calum was still gently snoring over the other side of the room and being that it was light outside I pulled back the curtain windows. 

Looking out on to the city I stared at tents or people wrapped up in blankets. Looking to my left I spotted a girl with wavy blondey brown hair. Her face seem to look up to mine meet my eyes and threw me a wink. Stepping back I blinked. The girl in the dreams. Before stepping out and looking back for the girl. My eyes scanned the crowd anxious to see her yet to no avail she was gone. Or just a figure of my imagination. 

A/N whoop another update im on a roll ;) Possibly I was thinking of doing clues down here to see if anyone can guess who the girl is played by (turns out im too lazy )

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