Am I Beautiful? ~ Fleetway Super Sonic

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    -Fleetway's mind-

I have nothing to do...I am very lonely...but I get used to it...I am feared by it makes sence. My name is Fleetway Super Sonic...but you can call me whatever you want...I could care less...I am in a place people call Mobius, and it seems very peaceful...something I hate saying... -end of mind-

*Fleetway stops in his tracks and looks at a beautiful flower on the floor. He kneels down in the grass and examines its beauty. He gets lost in thought and his face goes to a bit depressed as he sat down in the grass staring at it not taking his spiral eyes away. " A crimson beautiful and mysterious...but  has thorns of's so...beautiful..."Fleetway said to himself about to gently touch its petal with his long claw, but paused and pulled away in thought he might hurt it. His ears went down in sadness and said, " I'm not beautiful...all I do is one likes me like a flower...People just run in fear..." He gently touches it as the petal falls off. He quickly moved his hand away saddened by what he did. A tear fell down his face as he said,"I... I'm sorry...I-i didn't mean to...I-i..." He cried more as he gently picked up the petal as many tears fell down his face. He looked at the little petal in his hands.He was scared of himself only thinking he would hurt. He dropped the petal as he ran off crying. the petal slowly fell to the floor with his tear on it. "I am not beautiful..."

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