Age a number / love?

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I took him as a friend..

It took me days to like him.

A month to love & deny it...

days to miss him..

weeks to call him...& hang up before answer

another days,weeks & months pushing him aways....

stared & shyed away

held my breath ....

& ignored his presence

As his mouth ran dry

his lips twitched

throat holding the words down...

I smiled & acted innocent

"cruel temptation" i said

& asked why the emotional torture?

& No answers served

His face & voice made my day..

But i acted careless

For Days waiting for his confession...

But when he finally said it..

"i love you"

My heart sank & melted


said your just a kid"

& left him hanging shocked

& speechless

i walked away.....

never looked back

when i did, he was no more

why did i do it....?

why did i.....!

after days he walked ere me with a 12 year old...

my world turned upside down

old tempests & mountain

has arrived

i stood by the window with regret & pain

delievered by tears on  my chicks & mucus on its way

my tears drawn to the ground

& wrote i love you...but pride has failed me....

Who couldh've stopped it?

Sat by the corner

with a rose on my hand

A book of romance near by

My head down

imagining how my life

Our lives couldh've been


i ate & slept no more ...

Haunted by a love ghost.

pride has ruined me &

left me to suffer alone...

is love a crime ?

& what age got to do with it?

So i asked myself.......

Age a number or love?

No answers! again

i guess i knew better.....

the end..

Hope u guys enjoys this poem & relate to it maybe lol @Eurinicah

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